Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bad Politican Bad 07-12

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

President Obama vs. Republican Candidate

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

President Obama Job Approval in Florida

Poll: Only 43 Percent of Jews Would Reelect Obama

Are You Better Off? Obama will have to answer the question Reagan asked in 1980.

Project Gunrunner Tied Directly to President Obama
Hushmail Tipline Launched for Gunwalker

Fast and Furious Updates

The Obama DOJ reminds me of nothing so much as the Nixon Justice Department

DOJ gives new tools to ATF on guns

Ex-Rezko partner being sentenced Tuesday: Obama Spokesman Denies Cash Bribes Technically it was not a denial, it was a refusal to answer based on attorney advice. Hmmmmm.

Darrell Issa questions White House's 2012 actions

It Turns Out Obama Gave ACORN $541K This Year, Not $80K

Wisconsin’s Summer of Recall Elections Begins

The Left Starts to Dump Obama

Stealing You Blind: How Government Fat Cats Are Getting Rich Off of You AND A Review - 'Stealing You Blind': How 'Public Servants' Sponge Off the Private Sector

Obama 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 . . .

"Every Aspect Of Life In America Is Worse Since Obama Took Over"

Black Activists "Deeply Disappointed" in President Clinton's "Disingenuous" Racial Attack on Ballot Security Measures

Hey Dems, Want Some "Revenue"? How About Issuing Oil Leases?

No big budget deal? Blame Obama, not Boehner

Which of These Two Images Best Captures the Relationship of People and Government?

Obama says I’m not off the hook.

The First Rule of Liberalism Government failure always justifies more government.

Krauthammer’s Take

How President Obama explained away a poll showing only 24% of Americans supported raising the debt ceiling "to avoid an economic catastrophe."

Obama vs. Obama Not long ago, Obama warned that raising taxes in a struggling economy is "the last thing you want to do

Bam: give peas a chance AND Small Business Doesn’t Appreciate Obama Telling Them to ‘Eat Your Peas & Suck It In”

Paul Ryan Wine Accuser Susan Feinberg Clams Up

America’s Burgeoning Class War Could Spell Opportunity For GOP

Obama wants to take on "sacred cows" and "keep our sacred trust with our seniors."

Sheila Jackson Lee to Aide: 'I Don't Care Anything About Your Disability'

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