Saturday, April 16, 2011

Obamacare 04-16

High Court Ruling on Obamacare May Come Soon

Reforming Health Care on the Foundation of First Principles

Obama's reputation on Medicare is unsustainable

The New Health Law: Bad for Doctors, Awful for Patients

Tackling the Runaway Medicare Train


Major Democrat signs on plans to repeal ‘Real Death Panel’

Obama Pushes Healthcare Reform…Again!

New Efficiencies in Health Care? Not Likely If the British experience is any indication, generic drugs and expert commissions will do little to lower costs Additionally, 97% of the British populations is homogenous unlike the US. Our diversity makes it even more difficult to have one-size-fits-all government-run healthcare.

FDA reports shortage of ADHD drugs If my son can't get his ADHD meds, then you damn well better make sure I get mine!

About Those Medicare Savings

Medicare Overhaul Needed to Reduce Deficit

All Senate Dems, including Manchin, vote to protect Obamacare funding

How Safe is Your Hospital?

Obama’s Budget Plan: Class-Warfare Tax Policy and Bureaucrat-Controlled Health Care

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