Saturday, April 16, 2011

General Bad Behavior 04-16

Uncle Sam’s Books Would Land CEOs in Jail

PJTV - We Don't Need No Department of Education! Is Government Creating An Education Bubble & Crisis?

History Repeating: Another Hoax College ‘Hate Crime’ Charge in North Carolina

U.S. overpaid UN by millions

Gosh, I can't wait for these guys to unionize - TSA’s Blue Meanies Strike Again The suspected terrorist who was the object of their pat down? A six-year-old little girl who cried after her humiliating and frightening ordeal AND TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security

5th Circuit: Constitution does not require states to pretend two men can create a child

I have to agree with Jonah here. I have family members who are Veg (but not Vegan) and I myself dabbled. I never could understand the fake meat products. Faux Murder

From Instapundit (re this article):
READER: Ms. Harris has it completely backwards: chivalry isn’t dead because women stopped demanding it – it is dead because women (or at least the feminists they let speak for them from the late 1960s on) decried chivalry as being sexist and unacceptable, even to the point of being discriminatory in the legal sense.

I especially like how she tries to signal that she’s not one of those horrible conservatives by casually bashing GWB at the start of paragraph four.

Bush always struck me as being a gentleman in spite of the horrid treatment he received, whereas I imagine that the only place Obama has ever held the door open for a woman is at an abortion clinic.

America the Dependent. From AmeriCorps to FoodStampCorps.

UC Irvine saga continues: Is the word “Muslim” anti-Muslim?

Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month – The 'Call of the Sea' Edition

The rise and rise of the princelings, the country’s revolutionary aristocracy

Does the Second Amendment Protect Possession of Gun at a Friend’s Home?


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