Thursday, April 14, 2011

Facebook Round-Up 04-14

Links I found on my Facebook page that I thought you might be interested in...

Union’s Ties to Madison Schools’ Work Stoppage Become More Clear

News You Can Use - Cheap wine 'good as pricier bottles' - blind taste test

California Teachers Union Gives Shocking Protest Instructions: Harass Legislators, Shut Down Roads, Co-Opt Fire Drills

Public-Sector Unions Fleece Michigan

Injury Turns into Inspiration for One High School Girl After this girl hit her first ever home run, she tore her ACL running to first base. Just when tragedy was inevitable, something amazing happened. Watch this very touching video.

Paul Ryan vs. the Mythmakers

Mind Reading That Works

When politicians 'bicker,' they're really negotiating

If Obama Had Kept His Campaign Promises, We Wouldn't Have a Deficit Today

Obama's Speech Was a Waste of Breath

I Wish I Had Been Wrong about the Budget Deal

I’ve Got It

Sandy Springs, Georgia: The City that Outsourced Everything

Why Does Capitalism Enjoy So Little Support From Politicians?

Obama's budget speech shows his unyielding ideology

Glenn Reynolds on Lowering the Drinking Age

U.S. Asks if Banks Colluded on Libor

International Monetary Fund says Obama lacks “credible strategy” to stop mounting public debt

President Obama's Flawed Energy Blueprint

Webkinz Spring Celebration Bunny Code Certificate - Virtual Pet Only - NO PLUSH TOY Not an Easter Bunny but a "Spring Celebration Bunny" - Lame!

Inflation Actually Near 10% Using Older Measure

Political correctness gone mad? School in Seattle renames Easter eggs 'spring spheres'

Obama’s Tax Increase Trigger: Punishing Taxpayers with Automatic Tax Hikes When Politicians Overspend

Worthless 'security' TSA wastes our time, money

Your Tax Dollars at Rest Obama finds change under the cushions of the federal couch

How the Progressives Almost Killed Football

Climate Change Craziness of the Week: a fish story from llama land

Nick Gillespie on Bomb-Happy Presidents and "Lily-Livered Sapsucker" Congress on Glenn Beck Show

And the other half?

Money to burn; Obama’s EPA pays to upgrade Mexican trucks so they can enter US

America’s Fiscal Future and the Battle for the GOP’s Soul

And the Straw Individual(ism) Is Down for the Count!

Don't let ignorant people vote. Hmmmm

Nancy Pelosi: 'Elections Shouldn't Matter as Much as They Do'

‘Coming Apart at the Seams’

An Amusing Look at Whether Obama Is Backing Away from Gun Control

Bad Politics, Worse Prose

UN resolution looks to give "Mother Earth" same rights as humans

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