Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daily Round-Up 04-16

FEC launches audit of Obama’s 2008 campaign

Obama, Spending Three Times as Fast as Bush, Blames Bush


School choice returns to D.C.

The Bachmann Question Riles House GOP. If it makes them think twice, then good!

Game Over - Kloppenburg Loses to Prosser (and Truman)(and Palin)

Live Long, and Prosser

House Republican freshmen perform well in first quarter fundraising

GOP Passes Budget Cut Blueprint for $5.8 Trillion Reduction Clears House, Setting Up Clash With Democrats


Uncle Sam’s Books Would Land CEOs in Jail

PJTV - We Don't Need No Department of Education! Is Government Creating An Education Bubble & Crisis?

History Repeating: Another Hoax College ‘Hate Crime’ Charge in North Carolina

U.S. overpaid UN by millions

Gosh, I can't wait for these guys to unionize - TSA’s Blue Meanies Strike Again The suspected terrorist who was the object of their pat down? A six-year-old little girl who cried after her humiliating and frightening ordeal AND TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security

5th Circuit: Constitution does not require states to pretend two men can create a child

I have to agree with Jonah here. I have family members who are Veg (but not Vegan) and I myself dabbled. I never could understand the fake meat products. Faux Murder

From Instapundit (re this article):
READER: Ms. Harris has it completely backwards: chivalry isn’t dead because women stopped demanding it – it is dead because women (or at least the feminists they let speak for them from the late 1960s on) decried chivalry as being sexist and unacceptable, even to the point of being discriminatory in the legal sense.

I especially like how she tries to signal that she’s not one of those horrible conservatives by casually bashing GWB at the start of paragraph four.

Bush always struck me as being a gentleman in spite of the horrid treatment he received, whereas I imagine that the only place Obama has ever held the door open for a woman is at an abortion clinic.

America the Dependent. From AmeriCorps to FoodStampCorps.

UC Irvine saga continues: Is the word “Muslim” anti-Muslim?

Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month – The 'Call of the Sea' Edition

The rise and rise of the princelings, the country’s revolutionary aristocracy

Does the Second Amendment Protect Possession of Gun at a Friend’s Home?



Live: Watch Sarah Palin at Wisconsin Tea Party

Speaking Truth to Power

Republicans are right not to budge on taxes until serious spending cuts are in place.

The Forgotten Tax Rebels of the Great Depression

Why Drudge is Drudge

Trump donates $100K to Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Cure-a-Thon’


President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Obama Job Approval at 41%, Tying His Low

Speaking Truth to Power

A floundering presidency heading for a fall? Barack Obama hits rock bottom in latest Gallup poll AND Obama job approval hits 5-month low in Gallup poll

Dictating is Easy; Leading is Hard

FEC Launches Audit of Obama's 2008 Campaign

All the President’s Sanctimony

Pigford Fraud Justified by Tom Burrell

Congress OKs big budget cuts _ bigger fights await

How Rahm Retaliated Against Bad Press

Obama visits his hometown to restart money chase

If it is so crazy, then why do they care? Are Obama Advisors Worried About Trump’s MSM-Birther Circus?

Lights Out from RightChange on Vimeo.

Obama’s Behind Closed Doors Tough Talk Caught on Tape

Obama: Worse Than Bush on Bullshit Gambling Moralizing, Too

Uncle Sam’s Books Would Land CEOs in Jail

Pelosi: I Support Net Neutrality, but Don’t Make Me Skip a Party to Vote for It AND Nancy Pelosi snaps at White House adviser Gene Sperling

Chaos on House floor as Democrats try to unsettle GOP budget during vote

Centrist Dem group to offer housing market reform proposal

GOP Leadership Betrays The Base

Obama: We Would Not Be a Great Country Without Government Entitlements

Despite Pledge, Obama Makes Tax Code More Complex

Obama off-the-record: asks Republicans, ‘You think we’re stupid?’ I don't think BO wants me to answer that.

Obama Picks a Strange Fight

Harassment complaint filed against Jesse Jackson

Obama issues a "signing statement" saying he won't follow the part of the budget bill that he thinks violates separation of powers. AND Obama signs bill to keep government open, but protects 'czars' AND Presidential P.S.: What I Signed Is Unconstitutional and I Will Fight It AND Flashback: Candidate Obama Vows Not to Use ‘Signing Statements’ as President; Used One Today to Keep White House ‘Czars’

Obama’s Character Defect

Obama: Incorrigible Statist and Debt Menace

Democrats' Disgust With Obama

Democrats' Disgust With Obama

Say It Ain’t So, Joe…You Had Enough, Too?

Obama's toxic speech and even worse plan for deficits and debt

Who's Turning U.S. Into The Third World?

All Senate Dems, including Manchin, vote to protect Obamacare funding


Tax day poll numbers

An excellent point! ‘No Poor Man Ever Gave Me a Job’

Wealth Is What You Save, Not What You Spend

More Americans leaving the workforce

Top Ten Most Outrageous Government Pensions

Runaway Public Pensions Betrayed by Fraud, Abuse

2012 Republican hopefuls pan Obama's budget plan

Obama: We Would Not Be a Great Country Without Government Entitlements

16 Tons

AP poll shows 6 in 10 Americans want spending cuts, not tax hikes

Suicide Rates in U.S. Increase as Economy Declines, CDC Researchers Find

This article says that like it's a bad thing. It's not. The rise of the anti-Keynesians

Obama’s charity state

America the Dependent. From AmeriCorps to FoodStampCorps.

Ryan’s Budget Passes House

Obama's $5 Billion Weatherizing Program Wastes Stimulus Funds, Auditors Find

The Budget Deal: Take the Broad View

The Weak Dollar Problem

Perspectives on Deficit Reduction

A Taxpayer Can Dream: My Special Day with the IRS

Money Expert: We’ll Be in Recession By End of Year

Core producer prices, jobless claims rise

Tax Day And The Future Tyranny Of The Non-Taxed

Despite Pledge, Obama Makes Tax Code More Complex

Obama’s Budget Plan: Class-Warfare Tax Policy and Bureaucrat-Controlled Health Care

Congress OKs big budget cuts _ bigger fights await

Debt-fix 'wise men' suckered by Bam

Abolish corporate tax – it has been a worldwide failure

Uncle Sam’s Books Would Land CEOs in Jail

The Granddaddy of All Bubbles? World markets are frothing like shaken Champagne, and doomsayers argue that today's bubbles need to be deflated now before they get dangerously large

Why Are Geithner and Bernanke Trying to Panic Financial Markets with Debt Limit Demagoguery?


High Court Ruling on Obamacare May Come Soon

Reforming Health Care on the Foundation of First Principles

Obama's reputation on Medicare is unsustainable

The New Health Law: Bad for Doctors, Awful for Patients

Tackling the Runaway Medicare Train


Major Democrat signs on plans to repeal ‘Real Death Panel’

Obama Pushes Healthcare Reform…Again!

New Efficiencies in Health Care? Not Likely If the British experience is any indication, generic drugs and expert commissions will do little to lower costs Additionally, 97% of the British populations is homogenous unlike the US. Our diversity makes it even more difficult to have one-size-fits-all government-run healthcare.

FDA reports shortage of ADHD drugs If my son can't get his ADHD meds, then you damn well better make sure I get mine!

About Those Medicare Savings

Medicare Overhaul Needed to Reduce Deficit

All Senate Dems, including Manchin, vote to protect Obamacare funding

How Safe is Your Hospital?

Obama’s Budget Plan: Class-Warfare Tax Policy and Bureaucrat-Controlled Health Care


EPA official says jobs don’t matter

Global Cooling in California?

Global warming lawsuits are a misuse of the judiciary branch

Excelsior! - Gore to young advocates: Battle industry lobbyists to turn the tide on climate

Coal ash bill a winner for American economy

Obama: Not so fast on defunding climate 'czar'

House Natural Resources panel to examine drilling in Louisiana next week

CNN's Idea On How To Save Money On Gas...iPhone Apps

About My Support for Natural Gas


Stupid - Obama moves forward with Internet ID plan What's ID for surfing the internet but opposes IDs for voting. As I said, stupid.

State-Run Media Fabricating Stories to Discredit Trump

Contango Confusion

2012 Preview: Who Will Fact-Check the Corrupt MSM’s Cherished PolitiFact?

To Benefit Obama, Matt Lauer & Politico’s Jonathan Martin Casually Smear Right as Extremists

Teachers union protests Washington Post

Maddow & Maher share a chuckle over how much they hate Republicans

CNN Decides to List Seven 'Meanest Budget Cuts'

Judge unseals Review-Journal/Righthaven contract

Media Love Reporting Nonexistent Civil War Between Republicans and Tea Party

AP Reporter Gushes Over ‘Conversation’ With Obama

Old Media Gets Rolled on Hoax Story


As Prosser Wins, the Dems Get the Blame for Wisconsin. There as elsewhere, incompetence serves liberal interests.

Union Yes? Maybe Not. Big Labor's moment of triumph fails to materialize.

Biting the hand that feeds you? - Teachers union protests Washington Post

Labor Protesters Surround Tea Party at Palin Rally

Vote Cavass Over, Prosser Wins in Wisconsin

Michigan Big Labor Engages in Different Kind of "Adult Conversation"

Runaway Public Pensions Betrayed by Fraud, Abuse

The Two Faces of Madison Teachers Exposed Via Public Records Discovery

Shock: New York Times Praises Unions Once Again

Improving New Jersey's Health Benefit Reform


Regarding the Planned Parenthood Vote

Responding to Gail Collins

On Margaret Sanger, the Soviets, and Democrats

Why pro-choice feminists should want Planned Parenthood to be defunded

Since When is Mercy Validating Abortion?

Planned Parenthood message war goes on

Senators could be haunted in ’12 by Planned Parenthood, healthcare votes

Defunding healthcare, Planned Parenthood passes House, fails Senate

Women's Work Is Never Done


Live: Watch Sarah Palin at Wisconsin Tea Party

Tea Party Express Names 2012 Targets

FEC Launches Audit of Obama's 2008 Campaign

Tax Day Tea Parties some initial reports Nice Round-Up there!

SARAH PALIN – ANDREW BREITBART Join Thousands of Patriots at Madison Tea Party (Live on UStream) …Update: Thugs Heckle Sarah Palin …Update: Sarah to Obama, “Mr. President, Game On!”

TPaw Rallies Tax Day Crowd

Welcome to the Tampa Tax Day Tea Party

April 15 will be Feet to the Fire Day at the AZ Capitol

Palin Heads to Wisconsin Tea Party Rally, Left Already ‘Joking’ About Violence

Labor Protesters Surround Tea Party at Palin Rally

Likely GOP contenders plot tea party strategies

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