Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Round-Up 03-25 Part 1 of 2

President Obama Job Approval

Is President Obama the weakest Commander-in-Chief in US history?

Why ObamaCare Remains Unpopular

The Speech Obama Hasn't Given What are we doing in Libya? Americans deserve an explanation.

Big Dollar Effort to Defend ObamaCare Comes Up Short

Jamie Gorelick Who ‘Helped to Bring us 9/11 AND Housing Collapse’ Is On Short List to Lead FBI

The terror continues

Groups say AT&T merger is job killer

Obama's Achilles' Heel?

Repeal Is the Ultimate Democratic Waiver

Claire McCaskill's "Damn Plane" Now For Sale on Craigslist

U.S. Economy: Goods Orders Unexpectedly Fall, Claims Drop

Union v House Republican Showdown Scheduled for Next Week

Energy Fantasyland

Simple Governance

Off to Mecca She Goes. With Eric Holder’s blessing

Optimism won't fix America's fiscal problems.

Racist Van Jones Rally Cheered 9/11 Attacks AND Van Jones IS a ‘Cop Killer-Supporting, Racist, Demagogic Freak’

When the Anticooperative Effect of Law Can Lead to Many Thousands Dead

A Grim Prognosis

Factory Orders Drop…Unexpectedly, Dashing Hopes For Rebound

Unsustainable budget threatens nation

UAW Plans Suicide Bombing of Economy

Dear Reuters, You Must Be Kidding

Headed for the Grand Canyon of budget shortfalls

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Google, Wisconsin, and Distributional Coalitions

Year One of the Obamacare Era. look back, and a look forward

Anti-Union Push Picks Up Steam On Capitol Hill

The Power of a Cow

Biden Rails On

Critics: Iowa terror drill portrays immigration foes as killers

The worst homeland-security menace

MORE Acorn: Leftists Plot Squatting to Take Over Houses

ACLU: 'Communism is the Goal'

On Public Education

Behind the scenes with John Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes at the White House

If Obama really was born in Kenya, right now we’d be talking about President Hillary Clinton

Corporate Welfare

Government Motors: The Coming General Motors Failure Will Be At Taxpayer’s Expense

You Wanna Know Why Detroit Is A Corpse?

The Professor’s War. erica is led by a man determined that it should not lead.

Piping Up: Do Waivers Make Way For A Single-Payer Health Care System?

Andrew Klavan: PBS Exposed! Hidden Camera Rocks Sesame Street

DA Chambers offers bonuses for prosecutors who hit conviction targets

Obama Disengages In defense of the nondefense of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Courts an Instrument of Leftist Thuggery

Worsening Our Fiscal Nightmare. need honest, fact-based budgeting.

The US: Massive energy resources and an incoherent energy policy

Investigate CARBifornia

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