Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 03-23

President Obama Job Approval

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Latest Polls - Elections

Has Obama Taken the Imperial Presidency to a Greater Height than Bush?

Remember when bombing Muslim countries was a BAD thing?

If Obama was just going to be Bush, anyway…

Fact: Bush Had 2 Times More Coalition Partners in Iraq Than Obama Has in Libya

Understanding Obama: His One-World View and Foreign Policy. Did Obama really dither indecisively over the Middle East crises, or were his delays all part of the plan?

Jon Stewart Skewers Obama on Libya

President Reticent

Let Us Count the Ways . . .

Obama’s quick trip from tyrant to weakling

The First Casualty of War

Watching the Libyan conflict unfold is a study in contrasts. Consider the differences between the invasion of Iraq under President Bush and the attack on Libya under President Obama. The differences between the two presidents and the response to their actions has been rather stark.
The White House Guess List: How Obama Pulled a Fast One on the American People – in the Name of ‘Transparency’

Trump may not become President, but Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich and other GOPers can learn from him

Watchdog groups pressure ethics panel to move forward with Waters probe

Video: McCaskill Holds High Dollar NYC Fundraiser, Stonewalls on Tax Scandal AND McCaskill's final airplane bill could include $80,000 in interest AND Claire McCaskill’s Tax Problems Go Far Beyond ‘AirClaire’

Thomas Sowell - Obama Adminstration Is Following the 'Detroit Pattern'

PHOTO QUIZ: Who Looks More Comfortable With Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Obama Or Palin?

Obama’s funny numbers

The Sumi Decision: A Closer Look

Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Reveals Inadequacy At Debate AND Judge Sumi’s Husband Donated to Three of Badger 14 AND Does Wisconsin’s Judge Sumi have a conflict of interest? AND JoAnne Kloppenburg Accepted Donation From Judge Sumi’s Husband AND Scott Walker’s Day(s) in Court

Impeaching Obama

Where's Barack?

Takes one to know one? - Barney Frank Calls Republicans Morally Stupid Bigots

Voters Punish Local Officials for Escalating Property Taxes

The Bullies’ Many Pulpits

BIDEN FLASHBACK: Launching an Attack Without Congressional Approval is an Impeachable Offense

One World Government Obama

Reading The Palin Tea Leaves Is Likely A Futile Endeavor

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