Monday, March 21, 2011

Junk Science 03-21

Why Is NASA Hiding James Hansen’s Ethics Records? The climate change fanatic has plenty of outside income. Did he obtain the proper waivers from NASA as he must according to the law?

Earth Hour, a celebration of backwardness Which is why CEI produced this - Force of Darkness “Earth Hour” Challenged by Power of Light “Human Achievement Hour” Also check out here, here, and here.


FoodPolitik: Trim the budget by cutting radical activism

We Pay a Stiff Premium for Nuclear Fear

Millions of Jobs at Stake If Congress Fails to Block EPA Efforts to Regulate Carbon Dioxide, Says New National Center for Public Policy Research Paper

Frack, baby, frack!

EPA’s Greenhouse Power Grab: Baucus’s Revenge, Democracy’s Peril Adopting the Baucus amendment would put Congress's legislative stamp of approval on EPA's end-run around the legislative process.

The Other Global Toxic Cloud: China's Pollution In short, it's not us, it is "them".

Pension Reformers Shift Focus to Current Employees. New tiers for new hires don't move the dial enough on trillion-dollar deficits.

The truth about Obama and nuclear power

The Coming War on Menthol Cigarettes

Do The Greens Really Want to Solve the Nation’s Energy Problems?

Could 'Chernobyl’ scaremongers cost our nuclear future? There is no parallel between Fukushima and Chernobyl at all, says Christopher Booker

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