Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Round-Up 03-28

Marriage and Procreation: The Intrinsic Connection

May God bless those who perished and guide and protect those who've survived.


How dangerous is nuclear power? Not very

Jerry Brown’s Proposal to Abolish California’s Redevelopment Agencies Would Help End Eminent Domain Abuse

House approves bill banning automatic deduction for union dues

GOP wins cuts without government closure


Michelle Obama Ruins Easter

ACLU vs. religious liberty

Farrakhan’s Inclusiveness

Calling things by their right names: a lesson from Confucius

April 5th Will Decide Who Governs Wisconsin: The Voters or 4 Judges

Egyptian Group Cites US Gay Marriages in Election Run-up

This is from The American Interest via Instapundit - Black And Blue 2: Blacks Flee Blue States in Droves. And I like his comments enough to repeat them here: "Punish talent and talent will flee. Skin color is unrelated. Plus this: “The failure of blue social policy to create an environment which works for Blacks is the most devastating possible indictment of the 20th century liberal enterprise in the United States.” It’s all about oligarchy, not egalitarianism."

London Pride — Not! British gays need to understand that there’s no place for them in the sharia-run Britain to which millions of Muslims openly aspire

When standardized test scores soared in D.C., were the gains real?

Left Attacks Florida Gov. Scott for Supporting Transparency They Endorsed in Minnesota

Is Biden’s closet packed with media skeletons? Reporter one of many to be ‘caged’ by VP

There May Not Always Be An England

Higher-order Bullying: Challenge the Rulers, Risk Your Children?

The Human Right to Suspend Reality

Can One Wrong Death Bring Down Corrupt Las Vegas?


Herman Cain - America can achieve energy independence

Conservatives home in on 'ObamaRail'


President Obama Job Approval

Are Illinois Democrats Covering Up Significant Racial Incident?

Watchdog knocks Obama administration on transparency

Biden Aide Apologizes After Reporter Kept in Storage Closet During Fundraiser

ATF Gun Runner Scandal Continues to Grow: Who's Lying?

"We don’t make decisions about questions like intervention based on consistency or precedent,"

Why Does Obama Hate Small Business?

California GOP the party of numbskulls

Tax break for charitable giving targeted

O's hapless Mideast 'agenda'

Judge Sumi's Mess

Collapse of the Obama Worldview

GOP Can't Ignore Wisconsin Recall Battle

why Obama didn’t get a Libya Bounce in the polls

Democrats Attempt to Enable EPA Power Grab

Why are California Republicans Permitting Eminent Domain Abuse?


The Eyes of Texas Are Sparkling in the 2010 Census

GE's tax bill

6 Surprising Ways Oil Prices Affect You

Public Pensions In The Red Even With Rosy Assumptions

Can You Read This and Not Despise the IRS? AND In Prison for Taking a Liar Loan

Why Housing Is Going Through a Double Dip

Bogdanski: Gift Tax Fiasco. Jack Bogdanski (Lewis & Clark), If You Did Stuff Like This, You'd Go to Jail

How to Cut an Easy $83 Billion

What is Obama trying to hide?

Fiscal Showdown Looms in Capitol

Deficits are an important but incomplete metric

The Unemployment Rate in Perspective

Free Enterprise vs. National Socialism

Why Does Obama Hate Small Business?

Obama’s Monetary Policy: Stick It to the Middle Class

It’s time for taxpayers to demand a receipt


Federal judge to seniors: take Medicare or lose Social Security

A glimpse of a future with Obamacare

Replace ObamaCare With Health Savings Accounts

Loudest Obamacare cheerleader wants out. New York’s Rep. Anthony Weiner wants a ‘get out of jail free’ card

Media Matters and reality on Obamacare

ObamaCare's First Year House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats are holding events to 'celebrate' the law's birthday. Americans, according to the latest polls, are refusing to join the party.

GOP presidential hopefuls hammer health care. Well, there is a lot to hammer there.


Umm, they're pretty much an obstacle to all that's good, decent and fun in the world - Are environmentalists an obstacle to clean energy production?

EU to ban cars from cities by 2050 Good luck with that. Oh and good luck trying to run businesses without delivery trucks.

WaPo: Why is Obama pursuing a “Drill, Brazil, Drill” strategy?

The Obama gas tax

Democrats Attempt to Enable EPA Power Grab

The Senate's EPA Showdown Democrats face a moment of truth on regulatory cap and trade.

Novelty wearing off? Or stupidity being realized? Earth Hour may be losing steam as novelty wears off

New Jersey could be next state to pull out of regional cap-and-trade system

I actually feel sad for this inventor - he just wanted to make the world a better place. The world's worst environmental villain?

A Punching Bag No More


Breitbart in Context

Probably - Is Media Matters Breaking the Law?

The Senate is the Next Battlefield in the Campaign to Undo the FCC’s Net Neutrality Power Grab

The Emperor Seth and Kinetic Islam

Media Matters plots “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” against Fox?

Breitbart says ‘height of ingratitude’ for Huffington not to defend him against Van Jones racism allegations

Media Matters' war against Fox


First Look: Atlas Shrugged–Dagny Confronts the Union

The left’s obsession with the Koch brothers

School Choice = Good for Kids, Bad for Unions. Can't Politicians Do the Math?

The Koch Brothers and the Paranoid Style in Liberal Politics

Flashback: The Davis-Bacon Act , Legalized Racism and Unions

Why Liberals Hate Clarence Thomas and Sarah Palin

American’s flight attendants forbidden to strike

Media Matters' war against Fox

Remembering the Triangle Fire: Why the Left is Urging us to Recall the Event

Soros Enters the For-Profit College Fray


Abortion Alternatives? Oh, My!


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