Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 03-29

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Most Americans still angry at Washington

These Days, It Isn’t Just Americans Suffering from Obama’s Failure. A huge swath of the world is now struggling with his nonsensical leadership

Ex-CIA Operative: Obama Never Properly Vetted. Ya think?

Obama’s Biggest Flip

Social Security: Obama and the Democrats Dodge Their Debris. President Obama is hoping to ride a cynical wave of ginned-up opposition to any and all entitlement reform to victory in 2012.

Dems Prepare to Profit from Shutdown

Cantor: It's Dems Fault If Government Shuts Down

Senators Toss Budget Ball to Obama, Who Fumbles

Redistricting draws unregulated cash

On Social Security, Reid Goes to Bat for Status Quo

Howard Dean: Democrats Should Be 'Quietly Rooting' for Shutdown

Original Pigford Claimant Calls It One of the ‘Biggest Conspiracies Against the U.S. Treasury Ever’

Dems’ Focus on Jobs May Fizzle in 2012

Education Spending Won't Create Jobs

Despite pressure to reduce national debt, few in Congress use payback program

On a Senate Call, a Glimpse of Marching Orders

I have no idea why The Stupid Party rewarded these fleebag democrat's behavior with any concessions. - Ind. Democrats end boycott, return to Statehouse

The Speech: There is no Plan A

If the Government Can’t Ban Speech, Can It Compel It?

Being a leader is about more than reading off a teleprompter

Oil, Oil, and Not a Drop . . .

Thumper Obama AND Re: Thumper Obama

Obama heads to New York for fundraising and interviews

Ya think? Climate votes promise to echo on stump

E-Verify Self Check: A Solid Step Forward

Obama Wants Illegals to Succeed

Big Brew-Ha-Ha Over Direct Shipment of Booze

California GOP: Redistricting Process Lists to Left

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