Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Round-Up 04-01

President Obama Job Approval

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Latest Election Polls

Foreign Banks Tapped Fed’s Secret Lifeline Most at Crisis Peak

House rejects Obama-backed labor amendment in FAA bill

OPEC Set for $1,000 Billion in Export Revenues That's $1,000,000,000,000.00 Folks.

The Secret to Brazil's Energy Success Over the past 20 years the country increased domestic oil production by a whopping 876%.

Gallup Daily: U.S. Employment - 19.1% underemployed

Business leaders, economists push for deficit cut

Unions deploy money and muscle in Battle of Wisconsin

When a Girl Is Executed … for Being Raped

Unemployment rate falls to 8.8 pct., two-year low

A clueless presidency adrift in a sea of confusion

House Republicans vs. Untouchables

Making 'Impossible' Cuts

Ohio Governor Signs Anti-Union Bill

Devastating New Ad Might Be Game Changer in Wisconsin’s Crucial April 5th Election

Green regulation in CA: Academic fraud, retaliation, and science denial

We've Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers. More Americans work for the government than in manufacturing, farming, fishing, forestry, mining and utilities combined.

So Accustomed to Lies

Libya-Owned Bank Got 73 Loans From Fed Discount Window After Lehman Fell

The truth about the false choice

Bosses at bailed-out Fannie, Freddie were paid millions With hundreds of billions in government support necessary to keep companies running, questions arise about pay packages

The Golden Years Of AARP

Investigations Find ‘Unprecedented’ Political Review of FOIA Requests by Homeland Security Department

Inflation pressures grow on Main Street

Wisconsin Judicial Tyranny

The Failure of Obama’s Conventional Wisdom

The selective racial outrage of federal judicial nominee Donna Murphy

Barack Obama: Losing $84 billion big success

Repeal Obamacare's 1099 Reporting Provision? No Way

Euro Zone Inflation Jumps to 29-Month High

Federal Agents Told to Reduce Border Arrests, Arizona Sheriff Says

New reform regulations fire up health debate

Economy adds 216,000 jobs in March as shutdown looms

Inflation vs. Jobs: Fed’s Move Can Seal Its Fate

Outrage: Freddie and Fannie Execs Pocketed $35 Million In Taxpayer Money

Woman charged with email threats

Please Do Not Install This Hack at OMB

DHS, Dems fend off Oversight chairman's claims on info release

Hidden Bad Signs in a Good Jobs Report

Preserving Patient and Doctor Choice

'Tea party' activists rally to demand GOP stick with larger budget cuts

The Tea Party vs. John Boehner

Despite Obama veto threat, House passes FAA bill with union rules intact

Planned Parenthood feeds off a culture of falsehood.

Choice Foes, Including President Obama, Seek to Block DC Students from SOARing to Better Schools

UNITE HERE Evades Secret Ballot Election Challenge in Corporate Campaign Against Hyatt

Strip EPA Before It Kills Economy

How You Can Pull a GE on Taxes

Dems Go to Extremes in Budget Battle. But will political embarrassment cause them to cave?

Senate lines up 1099 repeal bill for Tuesday

Balanced Budget Amendment Vital to America's Future

Really?! Obama Official: GOP Budget Would Kill 70,000 Kids

Intel analyst to CNN host: “You’re just carrying water for Mr. Obama”

Lawsuit seeks dissolution of Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Milton, Chattahoochee Hills. Suit says 'super-majority white neighborhoods' were created

Republicans question health reform law's insurance pools

‘SniderGate’ Details Begin to Surface in Illinois

Consumer Confidence Dips Amid Higher Gas Prices

To Reid, Democrats, Tea Tastes Bitter

The Media Double Standard on Hispanic Political Loyalties. If Hispanics don't vote for the GOP, it's Republicans' fault. But if they don't vote for Democrats, they're "fickle."

Anatomy of a Smear, Part II

Where’s the transparency that Obama promised?

Where is the Public on Obamacare?

Senate Republicans call for complete repeal of Wall Street reform

Where the Jobs Are (and Aren’t)

Bolt on trial for heresy against high church of political correctness

FIRE's Adam Kissel Discusses Case of Whistleblowing UCLA Professor with ''

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