Friday, February 4, 2011

Obamacare 02-04

Repeal of Health Care Law: Favor/Oppose

Poll: Majority supports state healthcare reform opt-out

Losing a repeal vote, but winning the war against ObamaCare

White House Wants Obamacare on Slow Legal Track

Va. AG: Delaying Supreme Court Health Review ‘Excuse’

The Health Care Repeal Chorus Grows Louder

ObamaCare's Repeal Has Begun This week's Senate vote to scrap an IRS reporting requirement is the start of a piece by piece approach.

Virginia to seek expedited Supreme Court review of suit over health-care law

Chairman probing healthcare reform shoots down Dem's oversight criticism

Sen. Hatch: Kagan should sit out health care case

Health law starts to tumble down

The States Can't Afford ObamaCare Their budgets will be crushed by the Medicaid expansions that the feds are forcing on them

Repeal Appeal

And The List Of Drug Shortages Keeps On Growing…

Another one who has got to go - Senator Sanders: Get Rid of Private Insurance Companies

Upton strikes back against Waxman’s ‘fishing expedition’ accusations on Obamacare documents

Another blow for Barack Obama’s health reforms is struck by the courts

How To Repeal Obamacare

GOP targets health care law in Congress and out

Nice try Reid - Reid: GOP wasting time on ‘symbolic votes’ like healthcare repeal

Our Ford Pinto health care law takes a hit

'Death Panels' Revisited How Sarah Palin helped defeat ObamaCare's deceptive advertising.

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