Friday, February 4, 2011

Media Bias 02-04

ABC News Crew Threatened with Beheading; CBS’ Lara Logan Detained

FCC Orders NBC Newsrooms To Partner With Soros-Funded Non-Profits

The Marriage Between Free Press and George Soros Gets Stronger

Progressives and Free Press at the Comcast Merger Agreement Trough

Groups Whose Quotes Used By Soros Group to Attack Glenn Beck, Repudiate Anti-Beck Effort

Santelli Slams CNBC Panelists for Spinning Jobs Report. CNBC's floor reporter criticizes 'kool-aid drinkers' for trying to find good news in the 'disappointing.'

Christie downplays media ‘obsession,’ says he doesn’t play favorites between Fox News and MSNBC

JOURNOLIST 2.0: Soros Sites Hold Con Call To Map Strategy for Planned Parenthood Defense

Make-Believe Media Circle Wagons Around Planned Parenthood; Tie Pro-Life Whistleblowers to Arizona Shooting

Soros has Spoken: Toe the Leftist Line on Egypt

Chris Matthews on Obama handling of Egypt: ‘I feel ashamed as an American, the way we’re doing this’

Media Targets Center-right Donors: Koch Brothers

TIME's Halperin & Matthews Share A Leg Thrill

MSNBC audience share shrinking, CNN now second most watched news network

NY Times letters to the editor can’t say the the paper is ‘wrong’

Paper is dead; long live the news

Arianna Huffington’s Insulting Treatment of Minorities. The liberal harridan is creating separate pages for blacks and Hispanics to solve the embarrassing problem of not enough minority writers on her website.

Correction Requests: Who Watches NPR’s Watchdog?

NPR EDITOR'S NOTE: Errors In Reporting On Video Aimed At Planned Parenthood

NPR Blog on Planned Parenthood Sting Earns Critics

The death threats that don’t make the nightly news Protest Videos Featured on Fox News’ Glenn Beck Show

Jon Stewart Takes An Inside Look At MSNBC Hosts

Media Matters President Departs, Launches New Firm

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: ‘Loony Toon’ Glenn Beck Same as Hate-Filled Middle East Rioters

Abortion Activists Attempt to Discredit Planned Parenthood with Second Video. Latest 'Live Action' Undercover Film Lacks Bombshell Quality of Earlier Release What would constitute a "bombshell" for ABC News? Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies as food? Sheesh.

ABC Tries Undercover Journalism By Lying About Arizona Law

AP's Crary Does All He Can to Instill Doubt About's Planned Parenthood Sting Video
Wow. Even The Progressive Left Doesn’t Read The Washington Post!

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