Monday, January 31, 2011

Bad Leftie Bad

Video: Robert Redford, environmental hypocrite? AND Robert Redford: Hypocrite

Little diversity among this year’s Oscar nominees

Labor unions uneasy as OSHA withdraws proposed rules

The uncivil left

Business Leaders See Euro Zone Break-Up

House Dem: Liberal groups need to back off for party to succeed this cycle

Never has America owed so much to so few taxpayers

HA! MSNBC VP: “MSNBC does not have a political agenda.”

Planned Parenthood Funding A Defacto Abortion Tax on America

The MET changed it's climate numbers to fit the narrative.

Obama’s Top Science Adviser on Climate Change Skeptics: ‘It’s an Education Problem’ Or perhaps it is a You-are-a-stinking-liar problem. I think more the lying part than "educating" given what the MET did above.

Conflict of interests for ranking Democrat on House Ethics Committee

Lefties protest, 25 arrested

Give them credit for continuously trying to be scumbags - ACORN Arm Caught in Voter Fraud Again

But wait there's more - Fmr. Obama, ACORN Adviser Dreier Organizes Anti-Koch Brothers Rally Using Occidental College Email Account

Clarice's Pieces: She Wouldn't Harm a Fly

Mad Meat Making Scientist Proves Climate Doomsayers Wrong

It's the stupid party for a reason and even though they're on the right, I'm putting them under "Bad Leftie Bad" because this is the kind of stupid idea only a leftie would love and the republicans who've proposed it should be deeply ashamed. GOP pushing for ISPs to record user data

Pigford Has Just Three Fraud Convictions

Aka Public Sector Unions - The British Disease, Coming Soon to a Bureaucracy Near You

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  1. Excellent round-up! Lots of stuff for me to read & post to that page that I run on facebook, thanks!
    Stupid GOP, what an embarrassment they are!