Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Round-Up 01-13

President Obama Job Approval

Why isn't it all 50? Half of All States Now Suing to Stop Obamacare

House GOP to move quickly on healthcare 1099 tax repeal

Do the pro-Obamacare Constitutional Lawyers See Any Limit on Government Power

From Arthur Laffer himself in The Wall Street Journal A Price for Raising the Debt Ceiling Republicans should attach provisions repealing the worst aspects of ObamaCare and financial reform to spending that the president absolutely needs. Delta Smelt and Undocumented Farm Workers: How Federal Policy Is Failing California's Central Valley This Federal policy is hurting all of us, Central Valley is the Garden of America and cutting off its water supply to save a tiny frickin' frackin' fish is lunacy run amuck!

Jobless claims jump, wholesale food costs surge AND World moves closer to food price shock

Mexican official: 34,612 drug-war deaths in 4 yrs

How to Save Money, Reform Processes, and Increase Efficiency in the Defense Department

I have no words except may God keep and bless Olivia's parents - Family charged 'death tax' for baby who lived one hour

Obama Will Go It Alone on Raising Gas Prices

The Only Sure Cure for Obamacare

Planned Parenthood: affiliates must do abortions

Acela Bob, Meet Acela Jim: Kelley Drye Managing Partner Conducts Confidential Conversation on Packed Train

Pathetic - Minnesota Wrestling Coach Put on Leave for Reportedly Insulting Obama, Challenging Him to a Fight Just out of curiousity, can any one tell me how many public employees were put on administrative leave for insulting President Bush? I thought so.

Yikes - The Future of Foreclosure

It's Time to Get to Work

Media Research Center Documents Liberal Death Wishes Against Conservatives AND Death Wishes Like It's Party Time

Lovely. Monks make, donate casket for youngest victim in Arizona shooting

The Constitution in One Sentence: Understanding the Tenth Amendment

Russian Justice Under Putin, Again. Under Putinocracy, there is not even a disguised attempt to spray a semblance of perfume at the obvious stench of state cruelty.

Jerry Brown's Budget Gambit The California governor has released his proposal to close the state's $25 billion budget gap, which includes a five-year extension of "temporary" tax hikes.

State Budget Bunk. A taxonomy of fiscal gimmicks, evasions, and ploys

China Global Investment Tracker: 2011

Going Broke by Going Green

Proponents of California’s Global Warming Law Were Against Renewables Before They Were For Them

Sen. Rockefeller pledges to fight mountaintop removal veto

The Tab Comes Due in 2011

Taxpayers Will Lose Money on GM Bailout

Issa Focuses on Obama Achievements With House Investigations

False Narrative Hijinks. Just read the whole thing, you'll see.

U.S. on the Way toward Losing AAA Credit Rating AND analyis from National Review U.S. on the Way toward Losing AAA Credit Rating

DC Spending: Our Dismal Debt Picture

Our view on oil drilling: 7 years to ensure safety?

Krauthammer’s Take

Here's to hoping they keep up the same effort - What the left did wrong

Lost Religious Liberty Around the World

The War Against the Christians

Why Obama Chose Bill Daley The departure of press secretary Robert Gibbs is another sign that big White House changes are afoot.

Sen. Udall Wants Mixed Party Seating at Address

The author of a now-retracted study linking autism to childhood vaccines expected a related medical test to rack up sales of up to $43 million a year, a British medical journal reported Tuesday.

Antitrust 2025

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