Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Round-Up 01-10

President Obama Job Approval

Fighting public-sector unions

From Ken Blackwell who should have been the RNC chair instead of Steele. The Constitution Did Not Condone Slavery
Further, the Three-Fifths Compromise reduced the power in Congress of slaveholding states while giving an electoral bonus to any state that voluntarily emancipated its slaves. When seven of the original thirteen states abolished slavery, they were allowed to count free black people in the census for purposes of representation in Congress.

It is especially galling to have liberals attack Republican Members on these matters. They forget that it was Republicans who gave us the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments—those great guarantees of civil rights. Every vote cast against those amendments was cast by a Democrat. It was Republicans who passed the first anti-lynching bill in the House—in 1922. Those bills were routinely killed by Senate Democrats until 1957.
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Like all political ideas, this will end badly - GOP activists: Dems’ filibuster repeal could actually help undo Obamacare

Why Teacher Pensions Don't Work Defined-benefit systems aren't merely Ponzi schemes. They discourage talented teachers who would prefer front-loaded compensation.

The heartland rises

Keep up the good work Issa! Issa's Early Effect

A Feminist Look at Palin’s Military Jargon. The left-wing jabs at the Palin piƱata in the wake of a horrible tragedy ought to be enough to convince more Americans of the moral vacuity of the “progressive” community.

Now ObamaCare debate moves to the real world


Welcome to Personal Responsibility 101

Citizen Soros: Manipulating the Media (Part 1 in a Series) My favorite part about Soros is that he is closer to the grave than the cradle.

It's what they do - Flashback: How Clinton exploited Oklahoma City for political gain

Even FDR didn't like public sector unions - The Battle Ahead: Public Sector Unions

Interestingly, the critic was more concerned about racial traits than ideology - The Diversity Police Are At It Again

Breeding Men Who Riot

Round-Up at on the left's "reporting" of the AZ Tragedy

NYT's hypocrisy is increasingly "dog bites man" news - The shame and hypocrisy of the New York Times

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