Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random Round-Up 01-12

President Obama Job Approval

NJ Governor Chris Christie surges in statewide poll

Scientists Inadvertently Killing Penguins, Researchers Find

The Great Food Crisis of 2011 Maybe if we stop burning corn in our cars?...

UGH Big Brother's Body-Scan Plan This is crazy intrusive! Basically the DHS wants to do naked scanners on every one in any public setting, sporting events, museums, etc.

The Sixties Were Violent, Not Today

Did Sheriff Dupnik drop the ball? AND Fun Facts About Arizona Recall Elections

Most Americans Oppose Debt Ceiling Increase

Judicial Watch Sues HHS to Obtain Obamacare Waiver Documents

Under the Cover of Darkness, Illinois Democrats Hike Taxes

Beware the extremist moderates!

How a housing slump will slow the jobs train

Assange claims to have dirt on NewsCorp in ‘insurance’ file

Exclusive: Alan Dershowitz Defends Sarah Palin’s Use of Term ‘Blood Libel’ The woman wears a pin of the Isreali Flag for crying out loud.

Small Businesses and Big Unintended Consequences

Let’s Address Democrat Outrage Over Dangerous Rhetoric – Hold Hearings Immediately!

Did Bank of America get another, secret taxpayer-funded bailout?

It Isn't The Rhetoric They Fear, It's The Passion

I Hereby Renounce All Cause and Effect

From Ike's dilemma to Obama's disaster

Dumb atheists - Supreme Court again is asked to drop ‘In God We Trust’

Global warming reveals shortage of snow plows in Atlanta

Snow in 49 states including Hawaii

Gitmo belongs to Obama now

The Government Spending Threat to Economic Freedom

Three Irreconcilable Fiscal Majorities

Barry and Sarah talk violence

Citizen Soros: Funding Anti-American Film (Part 3 in a Series)

Six reasons America is only the ninth-most free economy in the world

Invoking Giffords, Kerry Touts Windmills, Reveals Greens’ Confusion

Big Lies and Little Ones Paul Krugman's only example turns out to have been fraudulent.

Let’s Talk About The Democrat Party’s ‘Arrestables’

Worker's Notice to Employees: A Friendly Reminder About Unions

Anti-Vaccine Doctor Planned to Profit from Scare

Dem Leader Clyburn Calls For Gov’t Censorship; Daughter is FCC Commissioner

Lebanese Government Collapses After Hezbollah Ministers Resign

Let Us Not Praise Pro-Terrorist Newspapers

New Media Soundly Defeats Left-Wing Media’s Political Witch Hunt

CBS Poll: American Public Not Buying Democrat, Media Spin on Arizona Shooting

Baby Boomers Could Force Economic Catastrophe

The plot thickens: BBC Hits UK Govt with Freedom of Information Demand in Cold Winter Forecast Fiasco

The Authoritarian Media The New York Times has crossed a moral line.

Same as the Old Boss?

Sheriff Dupnik’s Officers Visited Loughner in his Home Multiple Times Before Shooting Incident

ACORN leader avoids prison for voter fraud conspiracy
This isn’t the first time Busefink was involved in shady electoral dealings. Even while under indictment in Nevada she ran the 2010 national voter drive for Project Vote, which was President Obama’s employer in 1992. Project Vote and ACORN have long been indistinguishable. Project Vote still operates out of ACORN’s offices in Washington, D.C.

Busefink also ran ACORN’s fraud-ridden 2008 voter registration drive. In that drive, officials chucked an astounding 400,000 bogus registrations.
Given her history, I think the sentence should have been much stiffer.

A Predictable Tragedy in Arizona We emptied state mental hospitals starting in the 1960s without providing adequate treatment alternatives.

Housing Market Slips Into Depression Territory

Virginia to consider banning illegals from colleges

A Quick Reminder on Paul Krugman and Climates of Hate

A Disturbing Motif: Online Manifesto, Mass Shooting

Redistricting imperils Dennis Kucinich

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