Saturday, October 2, 2010

In Economic Woes 10-02

A Constitutional Amendment to Limit Spending. To regain control over our government and its reach, we must limit its spending. And to limit its spending over the long-haul, we need a Limited Government Amendment. Would such an amendment really make that much of a difference? It would make a colossal difference.

‘A Network of Small Complicated Rules, Minute and Uniform’

Obama: Let’s Just Put Citigroup in Charge of the Economy

Massive Mortgage Mess Update: Title Companies Stop Insuring Foreclosed Properties

Spend, Then Tax: Like Killing One’s Parents, Then Pleading for Mercy as an Orphan

FreedomWorks Letter to House: Cosponsor Continuing Resolution, H.J Res. 96

Bank of America slows foreclosures as Fannie Mae steps in

Earth to Beltway: It's the uncertainty, stupid

Will GM's Big IPO Actually Happen?

Your Tax Dollars at Work - On a Wing and Taxpayers: Minnesota City has $5 Million Airport Terminal But No Place to Go

Tax Foundation Releases Property Tax Data Red states good and low, blue states bad and high.

Bank of America delays foreclosures in 23 states

Congress Limps Away, Leaving Taxpayers Hanging

For Many Families, Bad Times Require 'Doubling Up'

Investors Were Heard Making Chimp Sounds And Yelling "Short Ireland" On Disastrous Conference Call With Finance Minister

Home Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention: Another Bailout Boondoggle

HA! How Feinberg And The SEC Have Changed Executive Pay

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