Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Round-Up 09-30

President Obama Job Approval

Gallup Generic May Point to Double-Digit GOP Lead

Shady Secrets

Yet Another SEIU Lawyer Is Appointed by Obama, Awaits Confirmation

IRS Files $500k Tax Lien Against Al Sharpton

The Battle for America 2010: DISCLOSE-ing Harry Reid’s Pay-to-Play Habit. The Democrats pushed legislation to curb corporate political contributions, but it turns out that Sen. Harry Reid has some DISCLOSE-ing of his own to do.

Happy Fiscal New Year?!

Cato's 2010 Fiscal Policy Report on American Governors. See how the bum in your state's capitol did.

Sure Barney, your ex-boyfriend's prostitution ring, your support of the economy-destroying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and your general ass-hattery are not to blame, it's the famously "right-wing" media of Massachusetts that's making your re-election bid so tight. Yeah. that's it. Barney Frank on mid-term race: Right wing media targeted me

Revealed: Senate Democrats' Recess Talking Points

UAW Dispute Tarnishes Launch of Chevy Cruze Well, the union label now pretty much tarnishes everything these days.

Public Employees vs. the Public Will. Government workers get more powerful as they grow less popular

McDonald’s and Obamacare AND McDonald’s Could Drop Health Coverage; Obamacare the Hamburgler

Austan Goolsbee Says Not Raising Taxes Is "Giving Money" to Taxpayers

For Obama, Even the Good News Is Bad Young people and minorities are all the president has left.

Hope and Change Your Clothes

Tides Founder Drummond Pike Resigns
According to a Canadian nonprofit, Drummond Pike, CEO of the San-Francisco-based Tides Foundation, an innovative leftwing grantmaker, has resigned as head of the group he founded 34 years ago.

A little-known benefactor to radical activist groups, Pike achieved notoriety in 2008 when he personally contributed $700,000 to help coverup and compensate the radical community organizing group ACORN for a nearly $1 million embezzlement by ACORN financial officer Dale Rathke. Dale Rathke is the brother of Pike’s friend Wade Rathke, who founded ACORN and was a founding board member of Tides.

Affirmative action no longer useful

Productive Class Has Bloody Hands from Presidential Bites. The old wisdom, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, seems to have been lost by Barack somewhere between Chicago and the yellow brick road. He came out bashing business from day one and hasn't stopped yet.

California's Failed Statesmen

Terror Suspect Was White House Guest and Recipient of $500k in Taxpayer Funds

Calling voters stupid is a losing strategy.

Voters Use Midterm Elections to Send Message to White House

Rank and file Democratic congressman’s brother dependent on government grants for company’s success

Probably - Is Government About to Make Mortgage Market Even Worse?

Meg Whitman’s Illegal-Alien Maid

So are you still doing that big rally then again Jon? The Night Jon Stewart Turned on President Obama Video.
Tonight—on the same day that President Obama endorsed his rally—Jon Stewart came out swinging with his strongest anti-Obama Daily Show segment to date. Inside, video of the unexpected segment, during which Stewart basically called Obama a dishonest idealist.

No, You Can't Keep Your Current Health Coverage

Good! Child nutrition bill stalls in House

President: “We Need More Teachers.” Reality: “Yoohoo! I’m Right Over Here! Hellooo!”

A Sampling of National Tea Party Headlines

PJTV Video - New Black Panthers: Civil Rights & Obama Administration Wrongs

For Democrats, Senate Still a Possible Nightmare

Will the Justice Department Be Authorized to Shut Down Internet Sites?

Final Q2 GDP: 1.7%

Gee I wonder why? Democrats find many big donors cutting support

Tsunami of GOP Cash Threatens to Swamp Democrats

Pensions: Angry populists' next target

A public intellectual in hiding, Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks out to TheDC

Now, More Bad News: The ‘New Normal’ is Here to Stay

I'll give you a hint, it ain't a TEA Party rally - ‘Predominantly white crowd’

Young, Dumb, and Scared: Big Green and the Existential Protection Racket. What keeps the environmental activism industry in business? Fear.

THE WEEK IN POLLS: GOP House takeover increasingly likely

Obama faces voter policy doubts in backyard meeting

Democrats and the Health-Reform Albatross By making so many misleading claims, the president created an army of opposition

Hey EPA: Don’t Mess with Texas. Lance Brown dissects and dismantles the Obama EPA's latest attack on the Lone Star State. Those Texan boys know how to "shoot, shovel, and shut up" if you get my drift, EPA guys.

Angry, Disillusioned Voters Hammer Obama With Tough Questions on the Campaign Trail

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