Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 09-28

President Obama Job Approval

Summing it all up
Last week someone asked me what poll data I would use to sum up what's happening in this election in the simplest terms possible. Here it is:
-On our last national poll 49% of respondents said the economy had gotten worse since Barack Obama became President.

Predicting the House: The Generic and the Demographic

Democrats Face Tough Job Building Senate Firewall

Obama's Fire Sale

Poll: Rocky road seen for Obama

FBI Terror Targets Tied to Obama’s New Party

GOP hopes to win big in Obama's home state of Ill.

Good. Because I hate her. She was rude to my husband once. Liberal Paper Bites Barbara Boxer AND Good - Chamber launches Boxer attack ad

The Plane from Maine Causes Congresswoman Pain

No slight in Feingold skipping Obama rally AND Feingold to skip Obama rally in Wisconsin

He really is a turd - The Execrable Alan Grayson

Raese 48%, Manchin 46%

Election 2010: West Virginia Senate Special Election

President 40/60

Democrats in Denial About Unpopular Policies

Biden stumbles into the truth again: "It's not your grandfather's Republican Party"

Hell NO - New Cybersecurity Bill Gives Obama ‘Power To Shut Down Companies’

US rights group concerned by Web wiretap plans

Cramming to Reclaim the College Vote by Midterms

Judicial Watch Exposes Obama Gang’s Black Panther Misinformation

Because name-calling is so presidential - Obama: Democratic Voter Apathy "Inexcusable"

Obama’s Stand in the Schoolhouse Door

So, DSCC: which candidate will you abandon…

Obama Justice Department Rocked

The Wrongdoing, the Cover-Up, and Executive Privilege

Local Tea Party group may have uncovered massive vote fraud in Texas

Connecticut Senate Race Moves to the Margin of Error. Democrat’s Lead Cut to 3 points in Q-Poll.

FBI Raids Home of Obama Associate & Radical AAAN Leader in Terrorism Sweep

He left out ‘derivative.’

The Democrats' Florida dilemma

Against the Voters Whenever citizens reject the liberal agenda, they must be either monsters or fools

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