Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Junk Science 09-28

Low-Emission Shale Gas to Discourage Nuclear, Carbon Capture, Chatham Says

Energy & Environment

The American Automobile: Target of Climatism

Yes to 2011 climate bill push

How the Environmental Movement Became Just Another Washington Power Bloc. It’s not just a band of flannel-shirted environmentalists any longer; it’s become a big-money, major player in Washington power politics and American elections.

The Light Bulb Switchover: In the Dark

PJTV Video - Big Green 1: The Big Money & The Global Governance Agenda That Fuels Environmentalism

Springtime for Algore: A Romantic Pilgrimage to Germany’s ‘Eco–Anschluss’

Loads of campaign cash make Big Green a Democratic powerhouse UPDATED!

How the ‘Long Green’ Becomes Green Power. The second in a series on "Big Green": the alliance of the Democratic Party, environmental groups, and activists in the progressive movement. Today, where the money goes, and how it's spent.

Radical Environmental Groups Extorting Federal Money with Lawsuit Threats. A federal project comes up, radical groups threaten to entangle it in litigation, the government pays them to go away. Fundraising!

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