Sunday, February 14, 2010

Undercover Boss And The TEA Party

I just watched episode 2 of Undercover Boss (Hooters) and at the very end the CEO was talking about how he now "knew what he was working for" and it reminded me of the TEA Party in that the folks who work for big corporations and the folks protesting big government are demanding the same thing - that their "leaders" work for them.

The job of upper management is to run a corporation/business in the best manner possible for ALL workers. The same is true of our government. When politicians and upper management forgets what their ultimate purpose is they fail at their jobs.

And fail millions of people.

CBS's Undercover Boss is a reality show that might truly reflect not only the reality today's workers face but also the realities of politics and the way our country is being run by folks who have no idea what their business truly is.

That said, a business and a country's government isn't just about its employees but also its customers and the wider community. I hope all these things will be encompassed by both the TEA Party movement and Undercover Boss.

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