Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In Economic Woes 02-17

Suburban homeless: Rising tide of women, families

The Geithner Effect on Taxpayer Attitudes

D'UH - Florida's McCollum: Cut Taxes Now to End Recession

Watch and vote on dueling GOP and Dem stimulus ads

Nightfall in America The Obama deficits portend a gloomy future.

Did the Stimulus Save Us?

Stimulus funds going to slashed programs

Rubio on the Stimulus's First Anniversary

Bulk of Stimulus Spending Yet to Come. Most Cash So Far Has Gone to Services, Government Jobs; Infrastructure Surge Unlikely to Put Big Dent in Unemployment

Nice job if you can count on it - Census workers who did no work were paid

Patrick Kennedy, whose late father left an estimated estate of $50 million, eligible for $47,000 annual congressional pension

Personally, I have more faith in Rep. Ryan's Roadmap for America's Future than I do in this joker's opinion. Social Security is gonna fail. It is unsustainable. Private savings (and personal responsibility) is a much better road to travel than the one we are currently on. A Roadmap for killing Social Security

Agency may be public option of financial regulatory reform

The Dead-End Debt Commission

Tax-Funded Clowns in Connecticut

A Quincy Tale: Crony Capitalism in Local Government

Will Obama Do to America What Corzine Did to New Jersey?

Obama's cronies thrive at intersection of K and Wall

Today's Sovereign Debt Crisis

Washington experts disagree on whether Americans recognize long-term fiscal problem

Party Gridlock in Washington Feeds Fear of a Debt Crisis

Federal deficit at $430.69 billion through January

WHERE ARE THE JOBS? A look back at one year of so-called "stimulus" AND Stimulus, They Cried

Cutting spending in N.J. Garden State governor offers Obama an example of fiscal courage

U.S. risks crisis without fiscal action. Kansas City Fed chief calls for pre-emptive strike on tax, spending policy

Federal Jobs Look Too Good Not to Have Big Price

Pay-Go a No-Go on 'Jobs' Bill

White House Adviser Says Employment Stable

Speaker Pelosi bets the House on success of $787 billion stimulus I don't gamble and I REALLY resent other people gambling with my money.

Drowning in Debt: What the Nation's Budget Woes Mean for You. Economists Predict Cutbacks, Tax Increases That 'Aren't Even Imaginable'

Obama Defeats FDR (in Spending Other People's Money)

Admin. official: Obama to appoint deficit panel

The Demise of the European Welfare Nation

China Cuts Back on U.S. Treasury Bond Holding

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