Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Round-Up 02-16

Arnold’s Worst Idea. A draconian global-warming law will harm California’s economic recovery.

Daily Gut: Benevolent Racism

Uh-oh - Foreigners cut Treasury stakes; rates could rise. Foreign demand for short-term Treasurys tumbles, led by China; chance of higher rates looms

CNN: The Obama disco-jobs bill

The Velvet Philosophical Revolution. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the battle for political freedom goes on

Beware - Tea Party Imposters?

Guy Sorman: Unmasking the crusading judges with axe to grind

The Education of John Jay. America’s indispensable diplomat

Tea Party truths

Obama's challenge: Anger is replacing hope


No State Left Behind. How to get states to improve their tests

Democratic Indiana candidate says White House secretly backing Baron Hill

Debate over GM eggplant consumes India

Another green group targets Sen. Lincoln

Lonewolf Diaries: Bill Maher — Politically Correct Coward

Empire of Excess. New York’s top earners will soon be paying more in state taxes than ever.

PJTV Video (Middle East Special) - Sex Scandal Rocks Palestinian Authority

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