Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daily Round-Up 02-16

Obama announces $8.3 billion program for two new nuclear plants. It's about time, not they just have to get through NIMBY resistance and BS red-tape.

Ken Blackwell - Does Obama Walk the Walk When It Comes to Christians and Jews? It’s hard to call for an end to the culture wars when your own side is manning the barricades. Well, he was born to a Muslim father and had a Muslim stepfather but I'm sure that has nothing to do with it.

Walpin-gate gets rusty. Ousted inspector general's case is still being stonewalled

Thomas Sowell - Playing Freedom Cheap

PJTV Video (The Week in Blogs/VodkaPundit) - The Week In Blogs: W. Is Back, Obama Takes A Bow, And Biden Wins Iraq


Replace Rahm And Holder as far as I am concerned.

PJTV Video (Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed) - Tales From The Right Side: The Pres Who Cried Crisis

Rewriting History on Abortion

Entitled to a Five-bedroom House

This is gonna be awkward but kudos for trying - CPAC Organizers Try to Turn Up Hip Quotient With Video Games, Rap

I have to admit it is pretty retarded to make fun of a Down's Syndrome Baby. Family Guy should be ashamed. It's not smart. It's not funny. And it's not cool. - Palins Counter Attack on Son/Brother AND Down Syndrome Humor: ‘Family Guy’ Makes Fun of Sarah & Trig Palin (FG clip)

Another case of TSA overkill


Throw the Bums Out: Let’s Take It On The Road

Good luck with that - RNC Wants Collective Bargaining with Tea Parties

Menendez NJ Recall Update: The Tea Party Goes to Court

Obamaville: The Next Kettle for the Tea Party?

The Republican Party Began as a Tea Party Movement

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