Saturday, January 2, 2010

Random Round-Up 01-02-10

This is an incredible usurpation of US Laws amd protections for its citizens. Disgusting! Executive Order: International Police Granted Full Immunity in US and Not Subject to FOIA Requests AND Why Immunity for Interpol? AND Obama Executive Order Alters Your Legal Protections

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! It's Not Yet Friday, But It Is New Year's Eve — What Better Time to Release an Iran-Backed Terror Master Who Murdered American Troops

FOR SHAME! - Democrats Officially Kill Successful DC Voucher Program

Oh Great, more useless laws and intrusive regulations. Happy freakin' New Year. Laws covering texting, tanning beds, trans fat take effect in 2010

Well, only the sensible ones. Americans Support Waterboarding

French New Year Fireworks - Hundreds of cars torched in France at New Year

Stay Classy Russia - Dissident, 82, detained at Moscow rally

Nick's in a good mood. Don't Fear the 2010s. Embrace the decade's new distractions and overblown fears. Nick Gillespie on what will be the Y2K, bird flu and corrupting rock lyrics of the 2010s

Look Ahead With Stoicism— and Optimism. While so many of our institutions have failed, we can repair them. The first step is to take personal responsibility.

What’s More Important Than Being Electable? Being Able To Govern. The Obama debacle has laid bare for the American people the need for an experienced, capable executive with a successful track record. The GOP now must provide one.

Hijacking the Private Sector, the SEIU and Blago Way

Obama Gives Big Labor Another Gift in Final Days of 2009

Go Bob Go! Back to GOP Basics Virginia's governor-elect Bob McDonnell on his plans for spending cuts, offshore drilling and charter schools. AND Bob For Jobs AND North Slope Jobs for Virginia. Energy Independence's Time has Come

Reforming Illinois Government: The Putback Amendment Vs. the Illinois Fair Map

Avaricious developers and governments twist the meaning of 'blight'

An Apt Comparison -- For the Wrong Reasons

Colorado Becomes 1st State to Drop Minimum Wage

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