Thursday, December 31, 2009

Random Round-Up 12-31

In anticipation of "Amateur Drinking Night" also known as New Year's Eve, I am doing a quick Random Round-Up as I have lots of cooking to do. Enjoy...

Told You So! - No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years, New Research Finds

BWAHAHAHA! - Snowstorm squelches climate change protest

This man is vile - Fistgate XIII: Safe Schools Czar Jennings ‘Recommended’ Book Describing Sex Between 1st Graders

Bitch - Pelosi enjoys privacy at Hualalai after Palin is hounded off Maui

ObamaCare Corrupt Deal Shows Need to Amend the Speech and Debate Clause AND What Ben Nelson didn’t tell Nebraskans AND State AGs request Reid, Pelosi drop Nebraska Medicaid funds from health bill

Medical Tourism: Update and Implications - 2009 Report Cost-saving medical tourism projected to grow 35 percent annually

Video: Taylor Marsh, Matt Lewis agree … ObamaCare is a disaster

Dem recruits continue to head for exits

Prayers for a friend AND The people calling for Rush Limbaugh to die are the same people who ask to control your healthcare."

White House Visitors Log: ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis In Obama Residence Week Before Sting Videos Launched

Weird, this headline seems to try and imply that Obama made any effort towards bi-partisanship which we know is not true - Obama’s first year yields few results in drive for bipartisan political cooperation

Nine Big Stories the Mainstream Media Missed in 2009

New York's Decade of Debt AND The New York Times suggests all the bums get thrown out! - Failed State

"Obama and his friends preach tolerance, but there is bigotry at their group's core." (UPDATED)

Government-Caused Disaster

White House takes four days to respond to terror attack, but responds to Cheney criticism in matter of hours?

Public Sector Drives Deep Into The Night

Spitzer's AIG Emails. Why won't the former Attorney General release records of his communications?

Unrest in Iran: The Vindication of George W. Bush.

Ivana Trump Escorted Off Plane: Napolitano Declares 'The System Worked'

Yes, Someone Has To Pay for Health Care

2009 Chickens and their 2010 Roost

What!?! - Faith in Free-Market Capitalism Is Being Rewarded

The Serious, Sublime, and Silly from 2009

Oh Goody - TSA subpoenas bloggers, demands names of sources

Rise of the Nanny State: Is There a Political Answer to Every Problem?

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