Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Political Corruption Round-Up 11-24

IG-Gate: 'Hush Money' Charge in Sacramento Mayor's Sex Scandal Was Part of Probe

The Sacramento Sex Scandal Obama and the MSM want you to ignore.

Obama WH scrambled for story to smear Walpin

Poll: Obama's Performance Rating Hits Lowest Mark Yet AND Poll Numbers Crash

Among all voters, 54% now disapprove.

Video - Soft Despotism with Paul Rahe: Chapter 2 of 5

Immigration corruption - You Lie! AND Gone to Texas

More diplomatic idiocy from Obama - Why Thank You, Your Lordship

Blunderer in Chief

More bowing from the wimp-in-chief. Good Lord, it's like he wants to grovel. AND The Obama Doctrine: Bend at the Waist

New documents: White House scrambled to justify AmeriCorps firing after the fact
Inspector General: Rhee visited me to intervene for Johnson

He's so historic. Obama Shatters Spending Record for First-Year Presidents

Cleaning Up Illinois: The Putback Amendment

Inside the numbers: How Obama has fallen

But then they'd have to read the bills like their constituents do. Our Bills Should Be Written In Plain English

'Years of delay' saved lives

Terrorists use Democratic talking points

VIDEO - Left-Wing Ideologues & the True Holder Agenda

9/11 Never Forget Press Conference

Video - 9/11 Families to Holder: Stop Terrorists from Returning to NYC

Congress Must Stop the Trial in New York City

VIDEO - 9/11 Lawyer Pretty Much as Obnoxious as You'd Expect

Why panicky Dems are bailing on Tim Geithner

Hope is fading

Amateur Hour at the White House. OUCH! AND Gelb Sounds Like Cheney

The missing Obama

Krauthammer's Take

Better to Jump than be pushed? Are Democrats exiting the sinking ship?

With India disappointed with Obama ahead of tonight's state dinner, the president vowed to "work even closer" with its prime minister. Tunku Varadarajan on the cost of ignoring our allies.

Do the Dump Dodders matter?

The Republican Elites Versus The Grassroots


Would Obama Be President If He Made These Five Campaign Promises?

Will The Unemployment Disaster Be Obama's Katrina?

A Troubled Thanksgiving 2009

Immigration Looms as the Next Test for Congress

Mark Tapscott: One step forward, one back for government transparency

Top Republican Lawmakers Not Invited to Obama's First State Dinner

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