Monday, November 23, 2009

Media Corruption Round-Up 11-23

Shock: SNL Takes On Obama in Earnest. (At least someone at a network is doing it)

Of course they did - US Media Ignores Obama’s Muffed Japan Visit

The indelible whiteness of MSNBC

New Policy at the New York Times! AND Private Climate Conversations on Display Interestingly the New York Times in this article, announces that they won't publish these "conversations" because they were "published illegally". As other bloggers have asked, if these were illegally obtained emails from social conservatives, the New York Times would have published them front page above the fold.

Media Missing the Plot on ‘Climate Gate’: It’s the Fraud, Stupid!

How the Science Gets Settled

Gee, I wonder why - Newspaper circulation may be worse than it looks

All The News That’s Fit To Bury

A Two-fer! Media corruption AND admitting Obamacare is a fiscal nightmare! Newsweek Editor Admits: Health Care Bill a ‘Fiscal Fraud’ But ‘I’d Still Vote for It’

Just NBC The PDS!

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