Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Economic Woes 11-24

Atlas Shrugs It's really and it's leaving.

And there's gonna be more and more of it - Worker Blasts Adidas' Plan to Move NBA Jersey Production Overseas

Thomas Sowell - Solving Whose Problems?

Dear Congress: ARE YOU CRAZY?????

Hidden Taxes Account for 40.91 Percent of the Cost of Your Thanksgiving Dinner...Happy Thanksgiving!?

Taking Taxpayers for a Ride

UPDATED: 90,489 jobs 'not really created or saved' by the Stimulus (and counting)

Mending Health Care Reform. Do Americans really need an ''anti-jobs'' tax right now?

Mortgage Data

Look at That: The Economy Isn't Growing as Fast as It Was Announced

Blink and Miss Another 13,000 Jobs NOT Created or Saved

Blacks hit hard by economy's punch. 34.5 percent of young African American men are unemployed

Democrats push $150B stock tax on Wall Street

The Financial Privacy Requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Economy's rebound not as strong as first thought AND AP: Economy's rebound not as strong as first thought. 3.5% Q3 GDP revised down to 2.8%

Fed:Jobless Rate to Drop 'Slowly'

The Big Question: Does the jobs bill push mean the stimulus failed?

We're Going Broke Anyway, So Why Not Spend Like Drunken Sailors?

Will The Unemployment Disaster Be Obama's Katrina?

One Father's Lesson on Freedom, Free Enterprise and Fair Taxes

He's so historic. Obama Shatters Spending Record for First-Year Presidents

Joe Biden is just A National Nightmare, Indeed

Banks Begin Repaying TARP Money, But Much Business Still Unfinished

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