Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Round-Up 07-28

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

President Obama vs. Republican Candidate

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Why the Debt Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think. If Washington is deadlocked now, how will it deal with the much bigger debt problems that lurk in the decades to come?

Obama: More than Twice the Debt in Half the Time as Bush

Under Obama, Millennials move into the GOP column

GOP aims to gut Christmas, White House alleges

From Scientific American - Intoxicated on Independence: Is Domestically Produced Ethanol Worth the Cost? The U.S. is drunk on ethanol--but whether it is made from corn or sugarcane, the crop-derived biofuel raises a host of questions Read the whole thing...
As the USDA noted in a report on gasohol in 1986: ethanol "cannot be justified on economic grounds" and "had no long-term prospect for survival without massive new government assistance." More recently, the Congressional Research Service noted in a report last October that if the entire all-time record U.S. corn crop of 2009 was used to make ethanol—it would only replace roughly 18 percent of national gasoline use. "Expanding corn-based ethanol to significantly promote U.S. energy security is likely to be infeasible," the researchers wrote.

New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

Oh No! Arctic Scientist Under Investigation

Health care lawsuit reaches Supreme Court

Keystone ­versus green Keynesianism

Want Jobs? Cut Local Regulations It takes 700 hours of training to become a licensed manicurist in Alabama.

You think the debt crisis is bad now? Wait until Obamacare takes its toll

Popping the Public-Pension Bubble. Public-employee unions underestimate the magnitude of California’s unfunded retirement liability.

Obama’s Towering Inferno

Obamacare, a death panel for jobs. Government health care takeover imperils economic recovery

Don't Blame the House

Ethical Oil ad campaign I think this is a good point, I don't care if we get foreign oil or domestic so long as the foreign oil comes from a democracy and NOT a dictatorship.

White House Celebrates: Health Care Spending Increases Because of Democrats’ Health Care Law

Dirty Deals in the Department of Ed?

Want 1950's Taxes? Accept 1950's Spending: Analyst

A Shabby White House: The Emperor's Clothes

What both parties must understand about the budget

Reports confirm decelerating economy

Stinger: James O’Keefe’s Greatest Hits It's a surprisingly fair article considering it is from the NYT!

Ice age threat should freeze EPA global warming regs

Scaring Seniors With Social Security

This is a terrible shame - Appeals Court Upholds Army Officer’s Conviction, Ignores Evidence in Death of Al-Qaeda Operative

Pending home sales rise unexpectedly

Judge Clears Way for Sodexo to Present Evidence of Extortion in RICO Suit Against SEIU

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