Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fast & Furious Round-Up 07-27

Is ‘Fast and Furious’ Just the Tip of Obama’s Gun Smuggling Iceberg?

Obama DOJ Gave Cartel Enough Guns to Arm a Marine Regiment

ATF Manager says he shared Fast and Furious Info with White House

GOP lawmakers say 100 'Fast and Furious' weapons linked to crime scenes

Former ATF Official Admits Bureau Allowed Guns Into Mexico

Gunwalker: Justice Dept. Inspector General Opens Investigation. The IG is looking into charges of illegal retaliation against the ATF whistleblowers.

ATF agent who implemented 'Fast and Furious' says 4 federal agencies were 'full partners'

FBI report at odds with ATF claim on weapons. A copy of the FBI document shows ballistics tests did not rule out the Fast and Furious guns in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry.

Who Ordered Operation Fast and Furious?

AND why can't the MSM report it accurately? Yet Again, MSM Repeats the ’90 Percent Lie’ This time, it's Hearst reporter Dan Freedman not doing his homework before repeating widely debunked statistics.

How Mexican killers got US guns from 'Fast and Furious' operation US officials thought they would catch Mexican criminals in a bold gun-running sting called 'Fast and Furious.' Instead, they inadvertently armed drug cartels as the operation spiraled out of control, a congressional report finds.

Fast & Furious: IRS, DEA, and ICE Involved

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