Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Round-Up 07-27

On Monday, I went fishing with the kids. Or rather we went to the river and fed the fish one worm at a time. Yesterday was the swimming pool. Today, I am blogging because a bout of insomnia (missing my dad) has exhausted me and I no longer care if the children develop square eyes from staring at the Electronic Babysitter (aka TV).

Below please find all the news I felt like posting.

Legit Farmers Are Ready to Rumble With Pigford Lawyer Al Pires. Will Darrell Issa Let Them Be Heard?

I bet Obama's gonna do jack about this - Classified report: Russia tied to blast at U.S. embassy
Eric Holder Probing State Voter ID Laws

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

President Obama vs. Republican Candidate

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

New polls: Obama’s off base. Support waning, even among liberal backers

President Obama Would Lose if Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani Was the Nominee

The Fundamentals Do Not Currently Favor Obama's Reelection

Obama’s Battleground-State Blues The president’s national poll numbers aren’t good, but they’re worse in battleground states.

New High: 46% Think Most in Congress Are Corrupt Maybe this is why - Congressional members net worth up 3669 percent

More Americans unhappy with Obama on economy, jobs

Proxy Access Rule: Appeals Court Rejects SEC Regulation

The GOP: The True Environmental Stewards. Yes, Seriously.

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC sued for defamation. 'Left-wing television commentators must be made to respect ... the law'

Proposed Legislation Would Rein In a Left-Wing NLRB

America, You’re Being Community Organized

Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA

California: The Pickpocket State

California Wages War On Single-Family Homes

Did Obama Give the Nod to the SEIU/ACORN Economic Pressure Campaign Against Wall Street?

Actually, MSM, China’s an Economic Mess. In a repeat of Walter Duranty, tunnel-visioned liberals like Thomas Friedman keep ignoring China's authoritarian-fueled chaos.

Obama Threatens Americans While Reassuring Big Banks

Obama the Immoderate AND Obama the Ineffectual

Global Warming Panel to Earth's Rescue, on Our Dime

The ‘Erase’ to Condemn Israel. The New York Times gets caught editing inconvenient facts out of a "pro-Palestinian" story.

This U.N. Program Should Have Taxpayers Seeing REDD

The Left’s Smear Campaign Against ALEC

FBI Targets 12 In Koch Industries Online Assault. Affidavit details probe of attack on GOP benefactors

Durable goods orders fall 2.1 percent in June. Orders for durable goods drop 2.1 percent in June with weakness led by fall in aircraft demand

HARRY REID: Tea Partiers Are Not Real Americans. Personally, I would argue that Harry Reid is not a real person, just a crapulent shell of a politician filled with sulfurous gas and pretensions.

How Harry Reid caused the debt-ceiling debacle

Dem lawmaker: 'Nobody I know' has seen Reid plan

Surprise: Reid’s Plan Fails on CBO Score Too

Bam, it's time to cut spending - period

Help-Wanted Sign Comes With Frustrating Asterisk

GE moving X-ray business to China

Solving the Long-Term Jobs Problem

Leading From Behind On Debt

US Is at the Start of 500-Day Retail Recession: Analyst

The Road to Serfdom: More Debt, Less Leadership

Rotten advice from Europe

I would remind you that extremism in defense of solvency is no vice

Why Democrats Hate a Balanced Budget Amendment

Gov't Welfare Widens The Wealth Gap

Lies, Damned Lies, and Revenue Enhancements. No time to let up on the pressure by Republicans for spending cuts with no tax increases.

Housing Hell: Revenge Of the Appraisers

Government's Proposed Kid Food Ad Guidelines Is a Job Killer

If a law doesn’t work, waive it away?

The Independent Payment Advisory Board Could Be Obama's Achilles' Heel

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