Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Economic Woes 07-20

Never Did Get A Job From A Poor Man

Gallup: Lack of spending cuts biggest worry for Americans in debt debate

Breaking News: When the Government Raises Costs on Businesses, Businesses Raise Costs for Consumers From the big book of DUH.

Government Overregulation Threatens Innovation

Gov. Chris Christie: Washington Sloganeering

I'd also like to point out from my post here that
"the difference between a billion and a trillion is huge and we should be very worried when our government starts talking about needing trillions of dollars. Let's put it this way; a billion seconds is 32 years, a trillion seconds is 32,000 years."
So even if we paid a dollar-a-second, it would take 128,000 years to pay off just $4 trillion out of the, what, +$9 trillion we owe?

Ya know I really not a fan of foreign aid these days - Foreign Aid Bill Would Make Pakistan, Other Nations Pass New Tests to Receive U.S. Funds

Slouching Toward Default, on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Compton Cuts 30 Percent Of Workers In New Budget

As debt talks continue, feds are hiring -- and never firing My husband discusses this in his new book, here.

Political Polarization Grows as Job Security Falls

If You're a Federal Employee, You Would Pretty Much Have to Actively Try to Get Fired

Thomas Sowell - How Even Scholars Misread 90 Years Of Tax-Cut History

Wanted: Sacrifices for Obama’s Reelection Campaign

Guilty Men. The political origins of the meltdown.

Raising Taxes on "Carried Interest" -- Another Bad Idea that Will Make Capital More Scarce

Another Overhyped Challenge to U.S. Power

Tax Increases will Decrease America’s Exceptionalism

Scrap the Accredited Investor Rule

Why Hate Anti-Star Trek? Instapundit's take:
I always figure that people who feel this way do so because they think they’re better at sucking up to authority figures than at creating value on their own. And my guess is, they’re right about that.

The Gang of Six Is Back from the Dead: Contemplating the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Their Budget Plan

Coburn offers $9 trillion deficit reduction proposal

House GOP should make Obama blink

Energy Implications of a Federal Default

America's Financial Restoration vs. Obama's Ideology

It’s Time To Kick Farmers Off The Federal Dole

Debt Limit Comes Closer as Congress Begins to Move. Cut, Cap and Balance, versus the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

No More Washington Tricks

Gang of Six Bag of Tricks

Pick Your Poison: 'Gang of Six' Framework or the McConnell Plan?

Ryan Dissects the Gang of Six Plan

Euro meltdown: Nicolas Sarkozy to fly into Berlin for crisis talks with Angela Merkel

The PIIGS Get Slaughtered in Europe

What Democrats Must Ignore or Deny

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