Monday, July 18, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 07-18

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

President Obama vs. Republican Candidate

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Which Was Worse: Iran/Contra or Operation ‘Fast and Furious’?

Gunwalker and the budget: Crises in the integrity of government

White House threatens veto of Cut, Cap, and Balance bill

So Long as He Gets What He Wants, Obama Is Flexible in the Budget Negotiations

It’s baaack: The Shareholder Protection Act

Maybe Not This Time, But Social Security Reform Has to Be on the Table

Awww: Presidenting interfering with fundraising

Obama generated twice as many campaign contributors as new jobs through second quarter of 2011

The Anti-Incumbent Sentiment

This Week in Government Failure

Does Washington Have a Spending Problem or a Tax Problem?

MALDEF: The Common Line of Controversy

The substance of the budget negotiations

Romney Adviser Backs Key Health Care Overhaul Provision

Obama’s Debt Ceiling Proposal Holds Taxpayers Hostage

‘Independent’ Group Stays Close to Moore Campaign
For a group that by law can’t coordinate with any political candidate or committee, the “We are Wisconsin’ PAC sure likes to stay close to Shelly Moore. How close?

Public Apparently Not Impressed With GOP Performance During Debt Negotiations But then there is this (hat tip: instapundit) The Number CBS Is NOT Trumpeting in Its Latest Poll…

President Obama Received No Oil ‘Bump’

Is Obama Crazy Enough to Hold Up Social Security Checks?

DOJ: We can force you to decrypt that laptop

Dark Clouds Over The Sunshine Act

St. Obama and the Debt Dragon

AFSCME: The Big Green Dog Behind Big Government & Higher Taxes

Why Washington Hates Wall Street An 80-year rivalry explained.

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