Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And The Good Guys Are... 07-20

The Lives of Cubans

Hmm: Chris Christie Headed to Iowa

"Grassa" fire double broadsides at FBI & DEA. and NAME NAMES.

He's wrong to be rude but correct in his assessment - Allen West Calls Debbie Wasserman Schultz ‘Vile, Unprofessional, Despicable’

A Businessman for President? I'm still not as sold on Cain as Stossel is but I deeply believe that Presidents have either business, a governorship or both in their background. Anyone else, especially anyone from Congress who does not have the above credentials, simply does NOT have the executive decision-making experience to lead this country. Hence the epic failure of only-a-Senator-for-two-minuts Obama.

Bachmann Busts Up GOP Race

I never thought I'd put anything about Gov. Brown in this category. Liberal governor's request for Medicaid cuts puts Democrats in tough spot

The Long Retreat of Liberalism

Steve Wynn Goes Off on Obama in Conference Call As Glenn Reynold's likes to say another "rube" wakes up. AND Wynn Las Vegas CEO Not Impressed With Obama Economy

Third O’Keefe video punks NYC Medicaid workers

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