Sunday, June 12, 2011

General Bad Behavior 06-12

Corruption a problem at Customs and Border Protection, agency head says

Europe’s Arizona Problem

The Unnoticed Places that Collectivism Is Killing America’s Prosperity

Well, not so much bad as weird (and not weird-in-a-good-way either) Tiny village is latest victim of the 'The hum'. It is a mysterious sound on the very edge of perception that has driven thousands of people around the world to distraction.

How a Teachers’ Rally Made Me Anti-Education

Bandera County Sheriff's Office Issues Domestic Terrorism Warning. Law Enforcement Agency Concerned Radical Anti-Government Groups May Be Moving Into Area

The Hidden Cost of Ethanol Subsidies. By mandating 40% of our corn crop be dedicated to ethanol, we've created domestic shortages that may turn the U.S. into a net importer of corn and destroy our dominance in one more area of the world economy.

Did Michigan, George Washington University Lose Their Tax Exempt Status?

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