Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Facebook Round-Up 06-14

Stuff from my Facebook page.

NEWS: Battle for Britain in Krakow, Palm Springs and beyond

Saudi Arabia’s Freedom Riders

Is IPAB Repeal in the Cards? A growing number of lawmakers and policy advocates are working to make sure it never goes into effect.

Corrupt Obamacare Waiver Process Is Like a Scene from Atlas Shrugged

Obama rubs elbows with regulatory robber barons

Urban Design Hipsters Are Evil Yes, they are but my husband and I are lightening up on Hipster Douchebags because now Pabst Blue Ribbon comes in cans and bottles. (Of course, we drank PBR over a decade ago because we were poor and preternaturally "hip".

Obamacare doesn’t stop Medigap providers, AARP partners from discriminating against seniors

Individualism Is Good for Growth, not Collectivism

The First Real GOP 2012 Primary Debate

Oh Goody - US Is in Even Worse Shape Financially Than Greece: Gross

Latest Protests Bring an ‘Epic’ Wisconsin Donor Back Into the Spotlight

The proliferation of media is the best guarantor of accuracy

Case in point - Wisconsin Democrat caught on tape saying he’d like ‘smacking’ woman ‘around’

Contact Congress. Tell Your Senators to Stop the Wasteful Spending

Former Top Economic Aide for Obama Admits Threat of Lost Decade

Is Bitcoin Really So Evil That Sen. Chuck Schumer Must Shut it Down?

Ashton and Van Rompuy fly to the same meeting in separate private jets, gilded princelings of the Eurocracy And our "special" folk here in the US too.

Mother Rogue

Cantor: Dems should strip Weiner of committee posts

Obama puts Weiner on stick, holds over fire

Those EU propaganda cartoons in full…

The EPA's War on Jobs

Even the U.N. Hates Ethanol Another reason to end taxpayer subsidies for biofuels.

Five democratic reforms that the government could enact immediately and at no cost

Ahhh, Liberal Racism - The Return of the Population Bomb When the experts tell you there are too many people, they don't mean too many Swedes.

(UK) Inflation remains at 4.5 per cent, disincentivising work, penalising thrift and weakening the entire economy

A US canary in the coal mine? (UK Public Sector Workers) One million workers 'ready to strike'

No Mitt Romney feeding frenzy; Pawlenty refuses to attack

Why doesn't Rowan Williams speak out about illiteracy, immigration and the undemocratic rule of Brussels?

6 Movie Guardians Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Children Clearly this commentator has never watched Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer.

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