Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Praise For Doing His Job

I have to say the more I read news articles about the successful attack on Bin Laden the more annoyed I am at the press. They keep going on and on about how Obama didn't say anything to anyone about the attack.


It's his job.

They are praising him for not undermining a CIA operation? WTF?!? I mean seriously, we're supposed to have an elevated opinion of any person who doesn't tell a highly classified, extraordinarily important government secret? Morally and ethically, you aren't supposed to tell - especially a secret involving current real-time activities. Blab all you want afterwards but while its happening? Sheesh.

Kudos to Obama for ordering the attack. But I'll be damned if I praise ANYONE for not spilling the beans while the attack was happening.

This lapdog lickspittling by the media is revolting. Just one example - Obama keeps poker face after bin Laden order

When I start getting praise for keeping my kids alive at the end of each day, then and only then will I praise any President for keeping his or her damn mouth shut while our armed forces put their lives at risk executing presidential orders.

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