Friday, May 6, 2011

Media Labelling

Poll shows birther beliefs in decline following long-form release

Stories like the one above are really annoying because it is nothing more than media labeling.

Honest people with honest questions as to why Obama didn't offer up this "long-form" birth certificate when asked are immediately labeled "birthers" by the media. Sure there are some conspiracy nuts (on both ends of the political spectrum). But the vast majority simply wanted to know why Obama was refusing a request that came from registered voters.

Of course to any sane person, once that birth certificate was released the numbers of "birthers" would decline. That's because those people were NOT birthers as the media labels them, but folks who expect their questions to be answered by their political servants.

And make no mistake, ALL politicians in America are servants of the people. It is those who forget that very basic fact that are in trouble these days. Just as the mainstream media is in trouble by actions such as giving derogatory labels to those with legitimate questions. Journalists who want to keep getting paychecks better think twice about being so clever.

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