Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Economic Woes 04-28

Never did get a job from a poor man.

Investors, it's time to run and hide. The stock market can ignore economic woes and worries for only so long. Here's why a pullback is on the horizon and the smart money is preparing for the worst, as well as several ways to get defensive. I guess it is lucky I have no money to invest in the first place?

Oil imports spike as Obama oil ban decreases domestic production

The Housing Bubble Broke The Middle Class

The Biggest Legalized Theft of Middle Class American Wealth

Fight of the Century

Naughty or nice: Club For Growth releases 2010 vote scorecard

More people applied for unemployment benefits. More people requested unemployment benefits last week, the second increase in 3 weeks

Don’t let political cowardice and opportunism bankrupt America

Dollar Loses More Ground

Economic Growth Slow as Inflation Measure Spikes Up

Dunce Caps

The slippery slope of ’subsidies’

This ain't good - Wal-Mart: Our shoppers are 'running out of money'

Fed says $600B bond program to end in June

American Income Inequality in Perspective

Study: Consumers Misled by Overdraft Protection Programs

Gold Markets Slam Bernanke Speech

‘How Will Our Kids Pay?’

The Gas Price Freakout Ready-made energy incoherence as a gallon climbs towards $4.

Here We Go Again: Economy Slowed in the First Quarter

Economic growth slows to 1.8% in first months of 2011

How Reliable is

Toomey: Ryan Spending Cuts Not ‘Draconian’

Economy slowed by high gas prices, bad weather

Economic Indicators Slow Market Rally

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