Monday, April 25, 2011

General Bad Behavior 04-25

The Cost Of Attorney General Silence: How Bank Of America Made Sure There Would Be No Surprises In The Robosigning Settlement

Another Passover massacre

China seizes Christians in Easter raid

The Really Smart Phone Researchers are harvesting a wealth of intimate detail from our cellphone data, uncovering the hidden patterns of our social lives, travels, risk of disease—even our political views.

Saudis, Soros and Other Billionaires We Finance

Police beating of Las Vegas man caught on tape

What? No Easter Greeting?

Did Kloppenburg Violate The Wisconsin Judicial Code of Conduct?

Misprision of Treason: Top DOJ officials abandon CAIR terror finance prosecutions

Boy, I can't wait until the TSA is unionized - NOT. Airport passenger screener charged in distributing child pornography

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