Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Birth Certificate Issue

Actually, this whole thing gets me kinda steamed. I'm NOT a birther however, I am angrily wondering why Obama didn't just release the damn thing earlier.

Same with the college transcripts.

We know the grades of every other president and their kids. Why not his?

To me it's less about any legitimacy issues and more about his condescension.

He condescends to release things others did (and do) willingly. Yes, that refusal begs some questions but so does his whole attitude. Um, excuse me but American politicians work for Americans and if you want to get hired, then I get to see your entire resume, NOT just what you choose to release.

That's what pissed me off about the whole thing. Either he truly has something to hide or even worse it's a sly stunt on Obama's part to discredit others. Such a stunt in any politician is sophomoric.

As sophomoric as when he gave Hilary The Finger during a debate (watch here on YouTube. Actually if you search Obama giving the finger, you'll see President Class Act thinks he's pretty slick. Pathetic.). Ugh.

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