Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random Round-Up 10-13

Pragmatic Obama?

Bullying banks. Foreclosure-freeze menace

Arizona Rep. Grijalva latest incumbent in tough reelection race

Court Denies Access to Fannie/Freddie Political Records

Massachusetts soon in a different column (!)

Barney Frank: Tea Partiers have tied me to the railroad tracks!

NRCC money to retire Barney Frank?

Rival blasts Barney Frank’s swanky free jet ride

Obama administration appeals gay marriage ruling

Republicans Turn Outsourcing Attack Against Dems

The Tea Party As Money Machine

I imagine the EPA couldn't care less that ethonal reduces gas mileage, making us use more gas to go the same distance. EPA expected to OK more ethanol in gas

Barack Obama and the Chamber of secrets

Viguerie warns GOP; Tea Party began as reaction to Republican failures

Jan Schakowsky Faces Joel Pollak – Full Report

Tight budgets lead to more civilians used for policing

New Survey Confirms that Regime Uncertainty Is Spooking Investors

Re: Losing the Kids Poll Numbers here.

Turnout, Not Polling, Will Determine 2010 Outcome

Putting the Tax Cuts in Perspective

Keeping the Poor in Poverty School choice, lower taxes, job creation: These, and not welfare payments, are what would really help the poor.

Yes, Spending Has Steeply Increased

Obama's Long and Evolving Enemies List

Invisible Victims

Gloves off: Vets hammer Blumenthal for Vietnam lies in new McMahon ad

Freer Is Better

NASA boss ignores world’s big polluters to pick on little ol’ Canada

PJTV Video - MINORITY REPORT: Race Over Reform, Punishing Success and Improvements in Our Worst Public Schools

The White House Bunker So Soon?

The White House Isn't Sure What's In the Health Care Bill

ObamaCare blowback

Perhaps Democrats regret using strong-arm tactics

What's Fair in Education Aid?

‘Spirit of Political Disclosure’? White House Press Sec once part of group that refused to disclose donors

Ginni Thomas’s Threat to Ordered Liberty

Obama's Outsized Ego

A Growth Agenda for America An economy grows through increased production, which is financed by capital or savings. Congress can encourage this process with the right tax reform.

Library help irks union pros

When It Comes to Government, Less is More

School cafeterias to try psychology in lunch line

Regulating the College Dream

Look Who's Nativist Now


Not a massacre but a mistake Sort of like the British soldiers at the "Boston Massacre"

Obama’s Radical Past And his connection to socialism isn’t all ancient history, either.

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