Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random Round-Up 10-12

President Obama Job Approval

No black hole for Black Panthers. Attorney General Holder can't hide testimony forever

ObamaCare's first victims

A Read-the-Bill Rule for Congress

Public employee benefits should be cut

Attn MSM: Here’s Evidence of Foreign Campaign Donations

Child Abuse Investigations Didn’t Reduce Risk, a Study Finds

SEIU Solicited Contributions from ‘Foreign Nationals’

It's nice to see an honest politician - Sean Bielat blames Barney Frank for crisis

It’s on: Sean Bielat vs. Barney Frank Follow the link for good details and connections to other sites.

What Alexi knew. His damning non-denial about loans to criminals

Deficit in FY 2010 Nearly $1.3 Trillion

The 2010 Spending Record

MTV and Obama Astroturf a Townhall

Will the ‘Ruling Class Right’ Rescue Vulnerable Dems?

The Paranoid Style in Liberal Politics

Jan Schakowsky on Latest Bank Bailout Passed by Congress: ‘I Don’t Know What It Is’

Dem Governor: Obamacare a ‘Stunning Disappointment’

The Left’s Power of Self-Delusion

Shutting Up Business Democrats unleash the IRS and Justice on donors to their political opponents.

Well, I like it so much, I've made it part of my daily routine - Is Procrastination Rational?

Profligate Congress needs to read its own bills

California’s Green Nightmare

Republicans Prove Unpopular With Voters Against Obama in Poll "even as many Americans give a thumbs-down to the party and some of its specific ideas, a Bloomberg National Poll shows."

Mayor’s Soda Plan and His Company’s Policy Differ

Obama: Republicans Counting On Blacks Staying Home

The Repeal Amendment

Job Creation: Bush vs. Obama

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Declaration of War

TARP Redux: Voters Cry Foul as Banks Rake It in

If Obama is so Gung-Ho About Fixing Education, Why the Hell Won't He do the Smallest Goddamn Thing to Change the Status Quo?

Internal Email Reveals MTV Pressuring Employees to Attend Jon Stewart’s Political Rally

Just another Obama backyard chat with ordinary Americans at Alonzo Mourning's Miami estate

Whore-Gate: Who’s in Bed With Jerry Brown? Why would the union that represents LAPD officers even think of endorsing liberal Jerry Brown to reprise his disastrous turn as California's governor? Because politics is full of compromising positions.

Boehner's 'Plan B' for ObamaCare Hearings can be used to sell market-friendly fixes.

Golly Sharron Angle raised $14 million in 3rd quarter

Karl Rove on Disclosing Donors: Obama Is 'Hypocritical'

Federal Employees Union Releases ‘Teabagger’ Ad

Obama Loses Support in Poll as Joblessness Prompts Growing U.S. Discontent

Lawmaker Vows to Outlaw Insider Trading on the Hill

Obama has an 'enemies list'

The 2010 Spending Record In two years, a 21.4% increase.

US Cities Face Half a Trillion Dollars of Pension Deficits

Capitol Hill’s Stock Trading: What the Academic Research Concludes

Carl takes pop-shot at Andy

For Democrats, Even ‘Safe’ Seats Are Shaky

We Don't Do Numbahs

Loaded Dice: Boxer Moved Tribal Legislation Benefiting Her Non-Native American Son

Democrats' desperation tactics on campaign finance

Your Household Owes $14,165 To Pay For Your City's Employees Retirements

McDonald’s ObamaCare Deal Violates Rule of Law

Foreign Money? Really?

From watchdog to doormat

Jan Schakowsky Forced to Defend Obamacare

If This Were the Private Sector, Those Congressional Staffers Would End Up in Jail

Board of Elections gaffe may nullify New York soldiers' overseas absentee ballots

Media Quits Obama

Obama’s Radical Past

GOP prods Justice on military vote

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