Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Round-Up 05-12

Where does the time go?

President Obama Job Approval

Why Northrop chose Virginia

Sunlight is the best disinfectant afterall - Get a Government Job, and Let’s See Your Salary AND Public Service Recognition Week

When will these Congressional Crypt-Keepers go away? Oh wait, most of them will be gone by November. Retirement age: the painful realities of the oldest Congress in history

Looks like RomneyCare was an epic fail like Obamacare will be - Health care fails small businesses

HA! - Obama Threatens Veto of Obamacare as Cost Estimates Soar Above $1 Trillion

Michelle Obama: Food Profiteer Turned Food Cop AND Michelle Obama to women planning a pregnancy: ‘No fatties’

Damn loser liberals! See this is why I became so disenchanted with the Left and moved Right. Liberals get their day in court. Lose fair and square but because the big babies can't stand losing, they resort to illegal measures. ARGH! Caretakers of Stolen Mojave Desert Cross Vow to Replace It I hope they set up an ARMED honor guard for the new cross.

Hot Air has a really solid Quotes of the day post up.

Holy Crap! Muhammad really was kind of a jerk. And I got irked that Jesus smote that fig tree for no reason! Jesus didn't let the apostles (or anyone else) eat his poop. At least, Jesus didn't let the apostles write about it. But according to islamic holy text, Muhammad did. Yikes! What Did You Say About Muhammad?! Read the article but be warned, it is kinda gross.

The Varieties of Liberal Enthusiasm

ACORN lobbying efforts continue in Washington under Communities United name

Ken Blackwell (who so should have been RNC Chair) - Stopping Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution

Bailouts Defeat Bennett–Who Wants to Be Next?

Hinchey flack: We’re not talking about Hinchey’s positions to anyone

'It's Just Like the Old South, and It's Long Past Time That We Prohibited It'

John Derbyshire gives the best explanation of Information Cascade ever - Forget Fat Fingers

U.S. posts 19th straight monthly budget deficit

Scary - Federal Mutual Fund

We Are More in Debt Than We Think

Extend the Bush Tax Cuts—For Now. Deficits are a real problem but the recovery is still too fragile to choke off growth with higher rates

Detroit News Finds Example of 'Workers Choosing Jobless Pay' Over Work. Even in the state with the highest jobless rate, some landscapers turn down work to collect unemployment.

Arizona or San Francisco: Which Path Will America Take on Immigration?

Kagan Flunks Her Own Test. Obama’s Supreme Court nominee lacks the experience she once held up as a standard.

Our environment is in the best of hands - Interior Secretary Salazar installs ‘boom to nowhere’ at Gulf oil spill photo op

War, Pestilence, Famine: That’s Climate Change … When It’s Cold. Ignore the warnings of a warming planet — the worst eras for humanity occurred during periods of cold weather.

As much as I hate to disagree with Ron, I can't approve of any contraceptive pills (male or female) which end up dumping more artificial hormones into our waterways for fish to ingest. The Pill: The Male Version

Centrist senators push for greater federal power in consumer regulations

Wilson Without Tears

Muddledness at the Top

Green Movement Hits Yellow Light on Climate. Bad data, bad public relations, new investigation bedevil quest for cap-and-tax bill. Which begs the question, when can we put the brakes on this nonsense?

Kerry-Lieberman Bill an Economy Killer. Cap and trade simply won't die, and it's latest incarnation is as much of an economic disaster as all the previous ones

I'd prefer it if they stayed blurred - SEIU to refocus under Henry

Disgrace of the Day: Industry Join Cap-and-Tax Presser

Wind Can Be Expensive

Surprise: EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule Adds Cost, Does Little. The EPA's RRP rules force contractors to treat every home built before 1978 as a hazardous waste site. Will this do enough good to justify the cost

Democrats’ Soft Spot for Western Europe: A Liability in November?

The Untold Story of Astroturf: Corporate-Sponsored Environmentalism. Media often criticize Tea Party activism for being promoted from top down, while green movement openly backed by major corporations.

Brand New Green. A prominent environmentalist rethinks his worldview—up to a point.

Hat Tip - Jonah Goldberg


Media Double Standards: Some Fair and Others….Not So Much

President’s cancer panel reveals activist media are the real cancer

Two-faced Times. Ignores own 'corporate welfare'

Why Hollywood Will Lose the Culture War

‘Media Matters’ Mutters About K-Lo Tweet: Is This Any Job For a Grownup?

Video: Hay, here's a great idea how to clean up the BP oil spill

The Left’s Billion Dollar Tea Party Lie

Tired of Big Government Spending? Then YouCut it! AND YouCut the Federal Budget

'Living Wage' Reduces Employment Prospects For Poor AND Higher Minimum Wages Lead to Teen Dropouts, Criminals

Fannie Mae: No Profits for the Indefinite Future

Six Questions that May Decide the Presidential Contest of 2012. Will the economy still be in recession? Will there be a serious third party challenge? These and other keys have predicted results in national elections since 1956.

The Banality of Race. David Remnick’s life of Obama exemplifies the moral laziness of today’s liberalism

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