Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mini Round-Up

I indulged in a little retail therapy after yesterday's debacle and a good night's sleep. Also am gearing up to enter some photos into some juried competitions.

Anyways, here's some stuff of interest and I'll try to be a good girl tomorrow. Promise.

President Obama Job Approval

Pay attention, Thomas Sowell is speaking - A "Duty to Die"?

They're Back!!

FinReg Won't Deal With Black Holes Fannie and Freddie

Gosh Dodd is such a tool - Dodd’s Bank Bill: Worse Than ObamaCare. It’s the Nationalization, Stupid!

OUCH - Labor Department: Unemployment Rate Increased to 9.9 Percent in April

Fannie Mae: Now How Much Would You Pay?

Hooray! 'Tea party'-backed platform sails through Maine GOP convention

Board Changes Unionization Rule

Short Sellers in Congress: Another Lesson in Financial Hypocrisy

Because in a recession, crushing entrepenuers is smart, Harvard smart. FCC Proposal to Regulate the Internet Would Harm Consumers, Stifle Innovation

And those Harvard elites wonder why US jobs are going overseas - U.S. Effective Corporate Tax Rate: Highest in the OECD!

PJTV Video (Afterburner) - The Elitist Death Wish: Some Lives Are Worth More Than Others I always repeat what my husband says about any elitist idea, "You first."

Give the law a chance - No winners in boycott of Ariz. immigration law

Illegal immigrant's 145G 'deport gift'

Can't say I disagree - Seven Places Where Politics Doesn't Belong

For lobbyists, banks tap Washington pipeline, report finds

Labor unions rally behind Bill Halter in Senate Democratic primary in Arkansas

Obama the Polarizer

Left Is Certain of Tea Partiers' Motives, but Finds Terrorists Inscrutable

Taking ObamaCare Challenges Seriously

Science magazine is deeply disturbed

Young people’s attitudes towards the word “libertarian”

(I know the above is about Greece but when I first saw it, I thought that was Pelosi.)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Democrats reduced taxes to historic low She's either completely lost touch with reality, she's delusional, or she's arrogant enough to believe we'd swallow her lies. Personally, I think it is all three.

Suck up - Obama Works the Refs

Tracking ACORN’s Rebranding Process: A Handy Updated Guide

Trickle-Down Misery in L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa's nightmare numbers

I actually felt the same sort of pity towards Obama when he won. The who-would-be-stupid-enough-to-want-to-have-to-fix-this-mess sort of pity. Cameron Faces a Massive Challenge Ahead

White House: Stop Marketing Unhealthy Foods to Kids. Me to White House: Keep Your Effing Nose Out Of My Parenting!

Way to win customers and influence bloggers BoA! VIDEO UPDATE: As Tea Party Activists Protest Dodd’s Big Brother Bill, Bank of America Deploys Security Forces

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