Friday, May 14, 2010

Eric Holder Must GO

I joined the chorus demanding this worthless human leave the administration back during his Black Panther corruption of the DoJ. Now others are finally catching up.

Eric Holder Is Irresponsible and Dangerous – Eric Holder Must Step Down

Holder admits: No, I haven’t read the Arizona law I’ve been dumping on

Holder Profiles Arizona

The Most Transparently Irresponsible Administration in American History

More on Holder & Illegal Immigration

It's not that I hate and loathe the man personally. I just hate and loathe everything he does, says, and believes in professionally.

And by the way Arizona's law is a-okay with the readers of the Los Angeles Times: Poll: Was the L.A. City Council right to pass a boycott of Arizona? 92% say the city should mind its own business. 92% (Click on poll results at bottom of page to see vote results)

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