Saturday, December 12, 2009

Junk Science/Environmentalism Corruption 12-12

Two by my husband - Disdain for the Scientific Method AND Al Gore’s Political Tin Ear

Steve McIntyre - IPCC and the “Trick”

What climategate really tells us

One Must Ignore 200 Years of Observations to Believe in AGW

Climategate’s Harry_Read_Me.txt: We All Really Should

Al Gore and the Wizards of Climategate

PJTV Video - Science & Climategate: Copenhagen's Shadow Conference

UN Security Stops Journalist’s Questions About ClimateGate

GOP: US should reject climate pact

Fables of the Reconstruction. (Or, How to Make Your Own Hockey Stick)

Art Horn - Climategate in the Classroom

A Warning on Warming

Dennis Miller: Swingin' Copenhagen

Watch out, Al Gore – I’m going to Copenhagen!

Media Blows Climate Change Story

Cap-n-Trade: Now 10% Fraud-Free!

The Politicization of the EPA — an Administration’s Radical Gamble

Global Warming as a Political Tool

Hiding The Decline At Google?

Earth's Atmosphere May Have An Alien Origin.

PJTV Video - Sen. James Inhofe: President Obama, Climate Scientists & the U.N. Are Attacking Our Sovereignty

When scientists lie

Rocket man

Let’s have an inquisition

Physics Group Splinters Over Global Warming Review

ClimateGate: Don’t Know Much About History. Or Climate.

Real Scientists Are Climate Skeptics

Buy Local, Act Evil. Can organic produce and natural shampoo turn you into a heartless jerk?

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