Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 12-09

DISGUSTING! This man has got to GO! - Fistgate III: Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s ‘Black Book’ For Kids Included Tips on Fisting and Pi$$ing on Your Partner


The man was a fascist dirtball, this comes as no surprise to me. New Evidence of Saddam-Terrorism Links. Yes, Saddam Hussein’s regime was a supporter and active participant in radical Islamic terrorism.

AND - Restating the Obvious About Dictatorships

Ben Shapiro lobs a handgrenade - The Racism of the Black Community And when I think of Rev. Wright, I think Ben might have a point.

Astonishing! 101st Airborne Officer Serving 20-Year Sentence After Testimony of Expert Witness Ignored Help Army Ranger 1st Lt. Michael Behenna defend his innocence here.

Fast-food standards for meat top those for school lunches
And the limits Jack in the Box and other big retailers set for certain bacteria in their burgers are up to 10 times more stringent than what the USDA sets for school beef.

Who Wins Today's Godwin Award?

Evidence of Counseling Abuse at Planned Parenthood Continues To Surface in Undercover Student Video

Krauthammer's Take

Our Friends, the Pakistanis If this Investor's Business Daily editorial is the slightest bit right, then we are being played.

Eminent Domain Sucks - Big Blighters

Cooling Hugo Chavez

Kids to Meet Marx in School – Care of Hollywood and The History Channel


Bachmann: ACORN could regulate the financial sector

‘Independent’ Report Reveals: ACORN’s Problems Are Sooo 2008

DOJ Defends ACORN Funding Ban While Gutting It Holder's Department of Justice is a source of shame for America.
To reinforce the point that the defunding is only temporary attorney Peter Leary states that “[t]ellingly, three of the four full-year Fiscal Year 2010 Appropriations Acts that have been enacted since the CR went into effect contain no provisions foreclosing plaintiffs from applying for or receiving federal grants.” The message is clear, Obama’s Justice Department will defend the actions of Congress to defund ACORN so long as they are only temporary and the free-flowing access to federal funds is restored soon.

This brief may be music to the ears of Representative Jerrold Nadler. If you recall he’s been fighting the ban and advising ACORN’s attorney on the issue. While DOJ has not gone so far as to agree with ACORN, it has eviscerated the intent and substance of the ban on funding.

It’s time for Congress to permanently defund this corrupt organization. Congress must protect the taxpayers and ensure that no more federal funds are not subject to waste, fraud or abuse by ACORN.

Justice Depart. subpoenaed in New Black Panthers case. Holder's DoJ is rapidly developing the reputation of cesspit. Hopefully, this supoena will expose the inner workings of Holder's DoJ and justice will be served.

Dems Vote to Allow Federal Funding for Corrupt ACORN

Obama's Tin Ear is showing - White House Serves Acorn Cookies at Holiday Party


It is pathetic that this - TIME's Top 10 Scandals of 2009 - puts ACORN at #9. What's horrifying is that Time decided that the other "top scandals" were all sad little infidelities and foreign politician's payscales. No wonder print media and network news are dying. ACORN and the CRU hack should have been one and two. Van Jones and the Gladney beating are far more scandalous than Octomom and Balloon Boy. I'm embarrassed for Time Magazine. Embarrassed.

Newsweek is tanking as well. Good Riddance. Is Newsweek A Brand “That Will Disappear In 2010″?

Go Andrew Go! Andrew Breitbart Strong Arms Media Matters Over Fistgate Scandal

How a New York Times Columnist Hurts Fellow Blacks

Tradition of Reporters Sleeping with Sources Still Alive and Well at the New York Times

ABC Fired Stossel?

Shameless Leftist Piggybacking on Palin’s Bestseller. Interesting bits in the comments section as well.

AP Global Warming Fauxtography?


Justice Depart. subpoenaed in New Black Panthers case. Holder's DoJ is rapidly developing the reputation of cesspit. Hopefully, this supoena will expose the inner workings of Holder's DoJ and justice will be served.

Missing Christ in Christmas. We actively celebrate Advent AND the 12 Days of Christmas so the holiday isn't just about one day of getting presents but of celebrating Christ's arrival into this world and what that means for us today.

Video: Jon Stewart joins the Tea Party I agree, it is a step in the right direction.

90-Year-Old Medal of Honor Winner Allowed To Raise Flag

Recount to start in tight Atlanta runoff for mayor

Americans Show Conservative Instincts, Not Ideology

A Tale of Two Forensic Scandals: Ontario vs. Mississippi

Joy on Four Wheels - The Christmas Truck: One Dream, 3,000 lights

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